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Aluminium snap frames also known as click frames are front loading poster frames that allow the posters to be exchanged in a very short time. With these frames, the poster is exchanged from the front. The frame remains in place compared to other poster displays that require you to change the poster from the back. Therefore, a front loading poster frame is a great tool if you need to change media more often. Shop our snap frames by different characteristics now!

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What are Snap Frames?

Snap frames are easy to handle lightweight poster frames that provide a simple way to display poster media at businesses. The frames are made of four top and bottom aluminium profiles that are equipped with stainless steel spring clips, a rigid back panel which increases stability as well as a transparent, UV stable cover foil to protect the poster media from dust, dirt and other environmental influences.

The spring steel clips ensure quick and easy replacement of poster material without the need of tooling, because unlike conventional poster frames, snap frames are opened at the front for poster replacement.
Change of Poster Media
To do this, first open all 4 frame profiles to the front and remove the transparent film and the old poster. Now the new media is placed in position, covered with the foil and finally all profiles are closed again. After closing, the upper profile presses on the film and the poster and holds both securely in position. The pressure is generated by the spring steel clips.

What Sizes come Front Loading Poster Frames in?

Aluminium Snap Frames are available in many different sizes from small, for displaying photos or postcards, up to large formats that can hold posters or prints. To make it easier for customers, they are sold in the respective matching poster sizes they are designed for. This means if you order an A1 front loading poster frame it will hold an A1 poster. The outer dimensions of the frame are correspondingly larger. They are usually indicated separately in the description of the individual product.

Snap Frames are usually sold in typical DIN formats like A1, A4 or B1 and B2. Below is a table of front loading poster frame sizes we accomodate. Custom sized snap frames can always be made to order.

Shop Snap Frames by Poster Size

What Profile Shape and Widths are available?

Front loading poster frames like aluminium snap frames do not only come in different profile widths, but their profile shape differs too. The width of the profile determines the final external dimension of the frame.

The thinner the profile is made, the smaller the frame should be as it becomes less durable when too big. The wider the profile was chosen, the more substancial and sturdy it will be. 

There are 6 profile types to choose from. The most narrow is only 14 mm wide and is offered in sizes A4, A5 and A6 only. The 15 mm wide frame is much more sturdy as it has an additional channel in the back that adds stability. The 25 mm version is the bestseller, with a rounded profile shape. Maximum size is A1 for this profile. The 32 mm wide snap frame is available in 2 profile shapes. Both models can be made in sizes up to A0.

Last but not least we offer a 35 mm wide profile which makes the aluminium snap frame rainwaterproof. The best profile for poster frames when used outdoors.

Choose your favourite snap frame profile width or shape from the table below. 

Choose Front loading Poster Frame by Profile Shape and Width

What Colours do Snap Frames come in?

As you know, snap frame profiles are made of aluminium. The natural colour of aluminium is silver, but in unfinished condition it is not uniform enough to make poster frames look good.

For this reason, the silver profiles are anodised. In this process, an oxidation layer is applied to the surface of the material, which gives the profiles the classic, uniform and characteristic silver look of a brushed finish. Next to silver anodised front loading poster frames, black anodised versions are also becoming more popular.

Since customers also want snap frames with a higher gloss level, there is also a poster frame version with a stainless steel look.

Powder-coating in any RAL Colour

But what if the customer needs a frame in a different colour, e.g. to match the corporate identity or to point out special warnings?

In this case, snap frames can be provided with a powder coating. This involves spreading the coloured powder on the profile and then melting it under heat. The colour runs evenly over the profile and you end up with coloured snap frame profiles.

We are able to manufacture snap frames in any RAL colour already from 1 piece only. We might also be able to do custom Pantone colours. Please choose the respective profile and size, and then send us a request.
Next to standard silver, black and stainless steel effect snap frames, we also offer a large variety of frames in more colourful finishings. Please choose your colour variation from the table below.

Front Loading Poster Frames by Colour

What types of Corners are typical for Aluminium Snap Frames?

Snap frames typically have either rounded or mitred corners. Mitered corners are made by cutting the profiles at 45° angle to form a 90-degree corner, while rounded corners have a special 90° corner connector in a shiny, chrome finish.

Some aluminium front loading poster frames also feature safety corners, which are designed to minimize possible injuries due to sharp edges when handling the frame.

Choose below snap frames by corner type.

Snap Frames by Corner Type

Areas of Application for Front Loading Poster Frames

Originally, snap frames were designed to mount posters or prints on walls and to make changing posters easier. Currently, however, there are a number of other ways to use front loading poster frames.

On the one hand, they are available as picture frames with a stand for presentation on chests of drawers, tables or counters, and on the other hand, they can be stuck on shop windows to make posters visible to outdoor passing pedestrians.  

But there are other ways to use fast changing snap open frames. They can be suspended from the ceiling with wire, and in outdoor areas you can even attach them to lampposts. Last but not least, there are numerous ways to attach aluminium snap frames to racks and stands to create free standing displays.

Installation on the Wall

Snap frames are usually screwed to walls with the help of four holes in the bottom profile of the aluminium frame. These holes are always located in the long sides of the respective frame and have a diameter of approx. 4.5 mm. Screws or dowels are not supplied, because of the many different types of substrates the poster frames can be mounted to.

In case there is no option of drilling holes into walls, we also offer snap frames with double-sided adhesive tape. This is located on all four bottom profiles on the back side of the frame.

For the installation of both versions, we recommend the use of a spirit level or other tools to attach the snap frames as straight as possible to the wall. Please note that the surface should be as free of grease and dust as possible if you want to attach the frame with double-sided adhesive tape.

Wall Mount Snap Frames

Snap Frames with Stand

Snap frames are also available with a stand to present photos or pictures on tables or counters. The stand can be folded out and attached to the back of the picture frame to present it in either portrait or landscape format.

The countertop photo frames must not be too large so that they do not tip over. That is why they are only offered in A4, A5 and A6 sizes. 

All picture frames for tables and counters are designed so that they can also be screwed to the wall.

Mounted to Shop Windows

In addition to the versions mentioned so far, there are also aluminium snap frames for mounting in shop windows. Here, the back of the poster frame is provided with a foam tape. Once stuck on from the inside, a counter frame is attached to the window from the outside to cover the adhesive tape.

First, the poster is inserted, which can be seen by passers-byers. However, this frame can be used double-sided. To prevent the poster from shining through when exposed to sunlight, a black partition is supplied as a barrier layer. Finally, insert the transparent film and fold the frame shut - done!

Counter Top Front Loading Poster Frames

Window Snap Frames

Mounted to Ceilings

Snap frames can also be suspended from the ceiling. To do this, simply use frames for wall mounting in conjunction with the wire hanging set. Each set consists of 2 wires with a loop on one end and an adjustable hook on the other. The hook is hung in the hole on the back of the frame and the loop on a hook on the ceiling.

As a further version, double-sided snap frames are available, which are equipped with 2 hanging eyelets. Various fixtures & fittings for hanging are offered to match.

Mounted to Lamp Posts

Are you looking for a suitable way to attach your poster to a lamp post in a stylish and eye-catching way? Thanks to the popular snap frame with lamp post holder, this is no problem.

The aluminium front loading poster frame with lamp post holder not only ensures an attractive presentation of your poster in the urban area, it also offers user-friendly handling and easy mounting.

The frame is attached by means of the practical metal straps. These are pulled through the holder on the snap frame and then mounted directly on the pole so that the frame is securely and firmly attached to the lamp post.

Ceiling Mount Front Loading Poster Frames

Snap Frames for Lamp Posts

Aluminium Snap Frames especially made for Outdoor Use

You would like to use front loading poster frames or aluminium displays with snap frames outdoors? No problem. We offer waterproof versions in addition to the standard poster frames. These usually have a rubber seal on the back of the frame that protects the inserted media from water, even in the rain!

Or you can include a waterproof poster pocket that is inserted into the snap frame. No matter which version you use, your poster is protected from moisture and does not have to be replaced after every bad weather period.

Waterproof Front Loading Poster Frames

Prevention of Vandalism

Especially outdoors, it may make sense to equip aluminium snap frames with an additional anti-theft device to prevent theft of the paper media or cover foil. For this reason we offer poster frames with a locking mechanism. To open the frame profiles a special allen key is needed.

As these tamperproof frames are usually used outdoors, the snap frames are also waterproof. In case you do not need that we can also manufacture manipulation-proof frames for indoors.

B1 Class Fire Protection Frames

Our fire protection frames of class B1 are all certified according to DIN 4102 and are flame retardant.

Fire protection in buildings is becoming increasingly important. Our flame-retardant fire protection snap frames are particularly interesting for customers who have to comply with applicable safety regulations in the public sector, e.g. in schools, hospitals, kindergartens, airports and public authorities.

Fire Retardant Front Loading Poster Frames

Floorstanding Snap Frame Displays

Floorstanding snap frame displays are a great way to showcase your posters, art, and other printed materials in a professional and attractive way. Floorstanding front loading poster frames come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits your space and display needs. They are easy to install and use, making them an ideal choice for businesses, schools, and other organizations.

Once installed, floorstanding snap frames provide a secure and professional-looking display that’s easy to update as needed. They can also be moved around as needed, making them a great choice for any environment. Floorstanding front loading poster frames are perfect for displaying posters, menus, advertisements, and more, while making a great impression on customers and visitors.


Accessories and Replacement Parts for Aluminium Snap Frames

Accessories and spare parts are also available for aluminium snap frames. In addition to fasteners for easy wall mounting and suspensions from the ceiling, cover foils for standard and waterproof front loading poster frames are also available.

Last but not least, printed media for the respective poster frames are also offered in a wide variety of sizes.

In case you do not find the accessories you are looking for, please send us an e-mail to or call us at    +49-2874-910-180.

Snap Frame Accessories

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