Leaflet stands are available in many materials and enhance the presentation of your leaflets and catalogues at the PoS.
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Brochure stands in a wide range of sizes and shapes

They are available rotatable, foldable or also with castors. They are available as floor brochure racks, in an original zigzag shape or also as a 6 or 12 fold version.

The selection of brochure racks in our online shop is extensive and versatile. It offers the right model for every application. So you will find the right model:
  1. Select format: The most common format is the A4 brochure rack
  2. Number of compartments: How many different brochures would you like to include?
  3. Material: classic acrylic, noble aluminium or of course wood
  4. For a fixed budget: set price range
  5. Filter delivery time: Do you need your brochure stand immediately? Filter by the shortest delivery time. The selection is directly available and can be ordered by express delivery
Now you have filtered the perfect selection. For use at trade fairs and events we recommend the portable literature stands. For use on counters, counters and tables, use the counter top leaflet holders.

Our Recommendations

The leaflet stand “Size”, for example, is a stable floor brochure stand made entirely of steel. The brochure rack, which is slightly tilted backwards, offers space for 7 brochures in A4 format.

The brochure stand “Rovigo” is also a floor stand, but with considerably fewer pockets. With its slim shape and a weight of just 3 kg, you can place the brochure stand quickly and easily. Thanks to its discreet design, it fits perfectly into any environment. Made of powder-coated metal, this brochure stand offers a filling depth of 100 mm for brochures in A4 portrait format.

Alternatively, you can also opt for the "FT" brochure stand - basic frame. This can be loaded on one or both sides and offers space for up to 10 different brochures in A4 format. The brochure compartments are optionally available in a complete steel look or a elegant acrylic look.

With a brochure stand you can position your advertising material

The very sturdy brochure stands allows you to present your brochures, flyers and catalogs in an attractive and professional manner.  They also promote customer proximity by presenting your materials at eye level with your customers.

The versatile stands are perfect as information stands at trade fairs or at the point of sale. They position your advertising materials and make them ready to hand for your customers.

On request, we can print your leaflet stands individually. The possibilities are endless. In our print shop we print according to your ideas. With company logo or your company slogan, both small quantities and large orders.

Versatile Applications of Brochure Stands

Brochure stands are indispensable in the business world today. They are not only used to present brochures and leaflets clearly, but are also an effective advertising tool.

One obvious use is to present information material in shops and businesses. Whether it's product brochures, catalogues or flyers - a brochure stand allows customers to quickly and easily find out about products or services on offer. By clearly arranging the brochures, customers can search for specific information and thus obtain a comprehensive overview.

However, brochure stands are not only used in retail, but also in other industries. For example, they are used in doctors' surgeries and hospitals to inform patients about different treatment options or health tips. Hotels and tourist information offices also use brochure stands to provide guests with information about sights, events and excursions in the area.

Another field of application for brochure stands are trade fairs and exhibitions. Here, they not only serve to provide interested parties with information, but also serve as eye-catchers to attract the attention of visitors to the stand. An attractive presentation of flyers and brochures can arouse the interest of potential customers in the products or services on display.

Industry Sectors

Banks and Insurances

Banks and Insurances


Public Institutions

Equipment of a pharmacy with hygiene and protective articles






Food Retail

Food Retail

Brochure stand as an effective advertising medium

Brochure stands are an effective advertising tool that helps companies successfully promote their products and services. They offer a practical and appealing way to pass on information to potential customers.

A great advantage of brochure stands is their flexibility. They can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit individual needs. This allows them to be used in small retail stores as well as at large exhibitions or events.

Another advantage is their high visibility. Due to their upright position and often colorful design, brochure stands immediately catch the eye. Potential customers are thus encouraged to stop and take a closer look at the information provided.

Brochure stands offer a practical way to present brochures, flyers or catalogs. By clearly arranging the materials, customers can easily access them and get an overview of what is on offer. This increases the likelihood that they will decide to purchase a product or use a service.

Another advantage of brochure stands is their cost-effectiveness. Compared to other advertising media such as posters or advertisements in print media, they are often less expensive. In addition, they can be used again and again, which saves costs in the long term.

In addition, brochure stands enable targeted addressing of the target group. Companies can place their brochures and flyers specifically in areas where potential customers spend time. This increases the likelihood that the information will be noticed by the right target group.

Various Types of Brochure Stands

Brochure stands are an indispensable tool for presenting brochures, flyers and other promotional materials in a clear and attractive way. There are different types that can be used depending on your needs and requirements.

Counter Top Leaflet Holders: this type is particularly well suited for use on tables or counters. They are compact, space-saving, yet provide sufficient room for a variety of brochures. Tabletop leaflet holders are available in a variety of sizes and styles and are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Floor Standing Brochure Holders & Literature Stands: These brochure stands are placed upright on the floor and offer a larger capacity than tabletop brochure stands. They are well suited for use in entrance areas, at exhibitions or in salesrooms. Floor brochure stands are available in various heights and widths and can also be equipped with additional features such as a holder for business cards or a poster frame.

Wall Mounted Leaflet Holders: As the name suggests, these brochure holders are mounted on the wall. They are a space-saving solution and are particularly suitable for use in confined spaces or places where floor space is limited. Wall mounted brochure holders are available in various sizes and designs and can be equipped with one or more levels depending on your needs.

Rotating Leaflet Stands: This type of brochure stand provides a 360-degree view of the brochures and allows viewers to easily browse through what is available. Rotating brochure racks are ideal for use in stores where customers can browse independently, such as bookstores or travel agencies. They are available in different sizes and designs and can also feature a combination of different compartments for different formats.

Portable Literature Stands: These brochure stands are foldable, making them especially convenient for transport and storage. They are lightweight and easy to assemble, yet provide enough space for a variety of brochures. They are ideal for use at trade shows or other events where mobility is required.

Attractive Design

Brochure stands are an essential element in the advertising industry. They are used to present brochures, flyers and leaflets clearly and attractively. Therefore, an attractive design of the brochure stands is of great importance to attract customers and encourage them to read the advertising materials.

The placement of the stands is an important aspect of the design. They should be placed in well-visited locations where many potential customers pass by. These can be, for example, entrance areas of supermarkets, shopping centres or trade fairs. The right placement increases visibility and thus also the chance that customers will become aware of the advertising materials.

The appearance of the brochure stands also plays a major role. They should blend harmoniously into the environment and convey a professional impression. It is advisable to choose high-quality materials and an appealing colour scheme.

It is a good idea to incorporate the colours of your own logo or corporate design into the design. This creates a high recognition value and reinforces the brand message.

The arrangement of the promotional materials is also important. The brochures should be clearly sorted and easy to read. A clear structure according to topics or product categories makes it easier for customers to find their way around.

In addition, care should be taken to refill regularly to avoid empty compartments. A tidy and well-stocked brochure rack looks inviting and gives customers the feeling that the company cares about their advertising materials.
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