Banner Frames are usually used for mounting advertising banners. Our banner holders are suitable for flat, large-area banner mounting. They can be used on buildings as well as free-standing indoor and outdoor displays. The tubes in selectable lengths, equipped with pull-through eyelets, give you the option of installing advertising banners of various sizes.
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The Right Frame for your Advertising Banners

In the field of banner advertising, one of the biggest challenges is to find the right banner frame for outdoor use. When choosing the right advertising frame, you should consider beforehand certain characteristics that the frame must have. We have different and easy to mount systems in our assortment, which you can choose according to your circumstances.

Where should the frame be mounted? Choose between mounting on a building façade or a free-standing frame. With wall mounting, an unused free area can be put to good use for your advertising. A free-standing frame needs a fixed location. Where should this be and how much space is available for the banner advertisement?

Should the banner frame attract attention indoors or outdoors? Most advertising with printed advertising banners takes place outdoors, but mesh and PVC advertising banners can also find their place indoors. You can find our stretch frames for indoor use here.

And last but not least: Do you want lighting? Do you also want your banner to attract attention in the dark? Illuminated banners not only achieve the desired advertising effect during the day, but also attract attention in the dark. Especially in the dark winter months with a low number of sunshine hours, brightly illuminated tension frames are suitable.

Banner Systems - The Product Series

Display your advertising banners in a suitable setting. Our own product series offer you a wide selection for this. In addition to the similarities in the banner fastening by means of tension loops or expander ropes, they have some differences, for example, in the profile or the base design. Compare the features of the systems and find the right solution for your advertising!

For medium sized banners

Outdoor stretch frame Techno with ground clearance
The "Techno" advertising system is perfectly suited for free-standing banner or sign advertising outdoors. The hot-dip galvanised steel system made of square tubes (60 x 60 mm) presents your advertising on a large scale and yet remains discreet thanks to the narrow frame.

Whether mobile and equipped with weighting baskets or fixed with bases for setting in concrete, the system can be used in many ways as a field banner, company or information sign. Select your desired version! Special designs are available on request.
Banner frame system Traverstar made of trusses
Our "Traverstar" system is ideal for free-standing advertising outdoors and is particularly suitable for higher wind loads. Composed of hot-dip galvanised steel trusses, the advertising system provides a large-area option for placing your advertising banner on company premises or as an information sign in front of construction sites.

It is available as a mobile version with weighting baskets or as a version with bases for setting in concrete. Special designs are available on request.

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Banner Frame Slot Systems

Banner system built on round tubes
The "Steel" banner frame system offers a wide range of possible applications. It is based on a modular slot-in principle that allows banner advertising to be wall-mounted or free-standing. Equipped with the matching wall brackets, the banner frame shows off your print motif on a building façade.

As a free-standing system, the advertising system can be set up with the help of base plates, ground spikes or tubes for setting in concrete. We will be happy to implement your individual dimensions.
Aluminium banner frame for the wall
The "Aluminium" frame system makes your advertising an eye-catcher with its noble look! The frame system is versatile and can be used as a wall-mounted or free-standing version. Simply attach the individually printed banner to the pull-through eyelets of the aluminium profile using the tensioning loops included in the scope of delivery.

Stretch your advertising over an open area, on the company premises or on the facade of a building. Individual frame dimensions are available on request!

Banner Frames: Skillfully put Banners in the Spotlight

The bannergear™ system offers you a cost-effective compact solution in banner advertising. You will find illuminated and non-illuminated wall systems as well as freestanding systems with and without LED lighting in our online range.

The special feature of this advertising system is the crank technology hidden in the frame. By simply cranking, you can easily clamp your banner print and remove and change it as needed. From the outside, this is completely concealed by the elegant aluminium frame.

With the wall system, the frame can be screwed directly to the wall. The standing version can be positioned in two ways. You can choose between the version with a concrete base or a mobile stand with weighting baskets.

Your banners will be particularly highlighted by high-quality LED lighting. In this case, the PVC backlit banners specially made for backlighting are recommended. Draw attention to your print motif - even in the dark!

Discover the different models and easy handling of bannergear™!
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