Arktisquelle® Water Filter

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Product highlights

  • pesticides and industrial substances are absorbed by up to 99.99
  • heats water steplessly up to 100 °C in seconds
  • optimises the pH value of your water
  • taste and base filters make the water taste natural
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*As a commercial buyer, you can test the water filter free of charge for 14 days after purchase and cancel the contract during this time. The trial period starts as soon as the unit is delivered to you. If you do not want to keep the device, send it back to us. You will then be refunded the full value of the goods.


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Product Description

Effective Filtration Process

Water is completely purified and then refined

Smart Operation via Touch Display

Easy to operate with a modern touch screen display

Reduce Costs

Money can be saved in the long run by eliminating the need to purchase water

Hot drinks in just a few seconds

An integrated instantaneous water heater can heat the water continuously up to 100 °C

Multistage Filters Clean the Water Completely

The ARKTISQUELLE® water filter completely purifies the water on the basis of a multi-stage filtration process. In addition to numerous pollutants and toxins, minerals are also filtered, among other things. The taste of the ARKTISQUELLE® water filter is often described as unique and soft. This is made possible by the taste and base filter, which rounds off the drinking sensation of the water and optimises the pH value. The filtering option also boosts the metabolic processes. 

The ARKTISQUELLE® combines price performance with user-friendliness. The touch display gives you constant insight into the current water quality of the ARKTISQUELLE® water filter. The most effective filtration and refinement processes meet a modern look.

The primary task of water in the body is, among other things, the transport of nutrients, the supply of cells & tissues and various detoxification and elimination processes. To be able to perform these tasks optimally, water should be as pure as possible. Water does not have the task of supplying the body with nutrients, this is done by a complete diet. 

With the ARKTISQUELLE® you have the possibility to heat pure water continuously up to 100 °C. The whole thing is done by an integrated flow-through heater. The whole thing is made possible by an integrated flow heater, faster than any kettle. Individual temperature setting possible in three storable modes, whether for tea, baby food or coffee, everything is possible.


What makes the ARKTISQUELLE® Water Filter so special?

  • pesticides and industrial substances are absorbed by up to 99.99
  • can be heated continuously up to 100 °C in seconds
  • hot water for tea, baby food or coffee can be easily dispensed
  • includes pre-installed filter set
  • optimises the pH value of your water
  • flavour and alkaline filters make the water taste natural

100 % Purity - No residues - Germ-free

First, the water is pre-filtered with a fibre filter and an absorption filter. The fibre filter cleans the water of coarse impurities, such as lime. Then, in the absorption filter, up to 99.99 % of all organic impurities, such as pesticides and industrial substances, are removed by an activated carbon block. Then the heart of the filtration, the molecular membrane, comes into play.

The water is pressed under pressure through an extremely fine membrane (pore fineness: 0.0001 µm), which removes all harmful substances and flavours from the water, such as bacteria, viruses, germs, hormones, antibiotics, drug residues, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals (e.g. lead, copper, mercury, arsenic), sulphur, lime, radioactive substances, nitrate, etc. The water is then filtered through the molecular membrane. 

In the last filtration step, the water is passed through a special base and taste filter, which optimises the taste and pH value of the water, among other things, by pouring activated carbon made from coconut shells.

When a filter is due to be changed, the system indicates this. This ensures that the filter is changed at exactly the right time.

How it works

1) Select the desired temperature and amount of water output on the touch screen.
2) Alternatively, you can select one of the four preset modes.
3) Start dispensing the water.
4) If desired, lock the automatic water filter using the lock symbol on the right-hand side edge.



Buy More Consciously and Save Money in the Long Term

With the use of the ARKTISQUELLE® water filter, shopping at the supermarket or wholesale store is no longer necessary. Lugging around cumbersome crates of beverages and large-scale storage is no longer necessary. Transport routes are reduced and thus the environmental impact is preserved in the long term.

Scope of Delivery:

  • Machine in the colour white
  • Includes pre-installed filter set
  • Water tank with a capacity of 3.5 litres
  • Power cable for connection to the mains supply
  • Delivered without drinking cup



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