Bottle Pusher System "Adjustable Tray"

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  • 6 adjustable widths for beverage bottles or cans
  • place small and large bottles next to each other
  • for an orderly product overview on your shelf
  • 3 different shelf depths to choose from
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Adjustable Tray - the 6 in 1 Beverage Pusher

You want to present different bottle sizes next to each other on your shelf? With the dynamic modules of the Adjustable Tray, you place bottles in an orderly manner in a row.

The "Adjustable Tray", which was specially developed for the advancement of drinks and other round products, has an enormous advantage over conventional systems. It has 6 variably adjustable widths. This means it can be used for small and large bottles, which are optimally conveyed to the first row of your shelf.

Your customers look at an orderly shelf and grasp your entire assortment without interference. At the same time, you save yourself the time-consuming maintenance of the shelf order.

Suitable for the refrigeration

Adaptable to the product size

For metal shelves and wire shelves


Depending on the shelf depth, you can choose between three different module lengths. The individual modules are fixed to the shelf using a fastening rail. To do this, first glue the rail to your shelf. In case of a wire shelf, the rail can be fixed with the help of clips.

In the next step, insert the bottle pusher modules and secure them with the help of a built-in lever. In this way, even heavy glass bottles with high-quality contents can be pushed safely to the slightly rounded front stopper.

Width adjustment

On the underside of the "Adjustable Tray" beverage pusher system are two discs, each with a scale of 1-6. This makes it child's play to adjust the modules to the required width of the products to be pushed.

The following width settings are possible:

1) 58 mm
2) 67 mm
3) 75 mm
4) 85 mm
5) 92 mm
6) 97 mm
Adjustable tray pusher system for beverages

Repositioning as required

Another advantage of the "Adjustable Tray" is that it can be repositioned when fully loaded. This is made possible by the stable construction and the fixed base.
By loosening the lever on the fastening rail, the module can be moved to the right and left. Or you can remove the module completely from the shelf and reinsert it in another place. This saves tedious emptying and restocking by your staff.

The "Adjustable Tray" gives you maximum flexibility in the presentation of your drinks. The guarantee period is 4 years. This guarantees long-term use.

We would be happy to plan your project together with you. Please contact us!



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