Bunting "Countries"

  • 20 paper flags per chain
  • attached to artificial silk cord
  • approx. 5000 mm long
  • 10 pieces each per PU

Product Description

Choose one of 20 possible country pennant chains.
For example, do you want to point out your latest import with the Japanese pennant chain or an exclusive culinary offer with an Italian pennant chain? Or are you planning to equip a World Cup arena with the flags "international countries"?
The European flag with its 12 stars and an international version of the pennant chain are also available.
Start decorating!


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Variants Version Item number  
Denmark Denmark 40.0051.1 view Article »
Belgium Belgium 40.0051.10 view Article »
Greece Greece 40.0051.11 view Article »
Austria Austria 40.0051.12 view Article »
Switzerland Switzerland 40.0051.13 view Article »
international international 40.0051.14 view Article »
Australia Australia 40.0051.15 view Article »
Hungary Hungary 40.0051.16 view Article »
Sweden Sweden 40.0051.17 view Article »
Mexico Mexico 40.0051.18 view Article »
Portugal Portugal 40.0051.19 view Article »
Japan Japan 40.0051.20 view Article »
PL PL 40.0051.21 view Article »
Turkey Turkey 40.0051.25 view Article »
Great Britain Great Britain 40.0051.3 view Article »
EU EU 40.0051.4 view Article »
France France 40.0051.5 view Article »
Netherlands Netherlands 40.0051.6 view Article »
Italy Italy 40.0051.7 view Article »
Spain Spain 40.0051.8 view Article »
USA USA 40.0051.9 view Article »
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