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Cable Tie, reusable

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Product highlights

  • in different colours and lengths
  • adjustable
  • extendable
  • no scratching
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Width 15 mm
Material rubber
Thickness 2 mm

Product Description

These reusable cable ties are not only suitable for bundling cables, pipes or hoses. They can be used in many ways, e.g. in the workshop, in the household or even in the leisure sector. The cable ties are made of SEBS (which behaves like rubber), making the cable ties strong and flexible and at the same time providing good heat and UV resistance. There is no risk of scratching surfaces when using the cable ties.

Depending on the variant, you have different numbers of fastening holes through which the locking head can be pressed. Determine the optimum length yourself and open and close the cable tie as often as you like. With the reusable cable tie, you ensure order and hold.


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Variants Length Colour Item number Item No. Price      
125 mm yellow 125 mm
24.0617.1 0,35 €* view Article »
125 mm green 125 mm
24.0617.2 0,35 €* view Article »
125 mm white 125 mm
24.0617.3 0,35 €* view Article »
125 mm natural / transparent 125 mm
natural / transparent
24.0617.4 0,35 €* view Article »
125 mm red 125 mm
24.0617.5 0,35 €* view Article »
160 mm purple 160 mm
24.0617.6 0,43 €* view Article »
160 mm red 160 mm
24.0617.7 0,43 €* view Article »
160 mm transparent 160 mm
24.0617.8 0,43 €* view Article »
125 mm black 125 mm
24.0617.9 0,35 €* view Article »
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