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Colorful Easter Package Necto

Item number: 40.2215.1

Product highlights

  • great easter present
  • makes the world a little more colourful
  • gift set
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Dimensions approx. 360 x 270 x 210 mm

Product Description

A colourful Easter mix for all senses awaits you in this natural-coloured box. Included are 1 bottle of white wine Necto I (0.75 l), 5 Lindt Mini Gold Bunnies (10 g each), 18 Lindt Lindor eggs in different colours and flavours (approx. 4.6 g each) and approx. 30 colourful flower marbles (1 g each). The little seed bombs will directly make the world a bit more cheerful: Simply throw them out on the desired area of soil, wait for the rain and be happy! In a short time, colourful meadow flowers (e.g. marigolds or cornflowers) will grow from the marbles. So you can garden from the comfort of your deck chair or make your way to work a little greener.


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