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Dove Tail Adapter for Hanshow / Pricer

Item number: 28.0260.3

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Colour black
Material POM

Product Description

This dovetail adapter clip comes in handy if you plan to mount Hanshow or Pricer ESL in store areas that are not equipped with shelving. Simply clip onto the back of the electronic price label. The dovetail adapter has a mounting option on its back and can be used in conjunction with a variety of clips that you can find in our shop as accessories. You can find solutions for displaying ESL
  • free-standing
  • with clamp
  • with magnets
  • with spears
  • with hanging hooks
  • on glass panels
  • on different shelf types
Now it will be easy to use ESL in fruit & vegetable areas by using crate clamps. Use the ice spear to display price information with fresh seafood or little stands in the deli section.

Let us know where you plan to use ESL and we will assist you finding the best mounting solution with our dovetail adapter.


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