Dove Tail Adapter for Hanshow / Pricer

Item number: 28.0260.3
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Product highlights

  • for adaptation to Hanshow and Pricer labels
  • universally suitable for various label sizes
  • for use with ESL accessories
  • connects battery label and ESL fitting
  • colour: black
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Product Description

The black adapter plate serves as a connection between Hanshow as well as Pricer ESL labels in combination with ESL fixings. Use the adapter whenever you want to fix and place your ESL in other places than at shelf fronts.

The adapter is mounted in a few simple steps. The dovetail adapter is attached to the back of the battery label and the selected ESL fitting is finally inserted into the socket of the adapter. The dovetail adapter plate can be used universally for various label sizes from Hanshow / Pricer and is compatible with all our ESL fittings.

Numerous combinations are possible. Discover our ESL fixings for different applications »


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