Philips e-Paper Tableaux 25

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Product highlights

  • Digital replacement for posters or applications with static content
  • Display content without power consumption
  • Flexible positioning independent of power supply
  • Saves electricity and paper thanks to e-paper technology
  • Can be used flexibly thanks to VESA mount
  • Easy data exchange via USB
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Product Description

The new e-Paper Tableaux enables the display of static, digital content in places where no power supply is possible or desired. Integrate the digital indoor solution into your design concept. The black 25.3" screen can be used in both portrait and landscape format. If you want to present paper-based information in a digitalised way, the e-Paper Tableaux offers a wealth of advantages.

Full Colour Display

sunlight-suitable and glare-free

Modern Technology

with Android Rockchip PX30

Simple Data Exchange

via USB, LAN or WiFi connection

Sustainable Solution

through energy, time and waste savings

E-Paper in gallery

Low to no Power Consumption

The e-Paper Tableaux is ideal for positioning in places where no power connection is available. Take advantage of the enormously flexible positioning of the display by operating it with 4 rechargeable batteries (18650) and the VESA mount on the back.

Stay mobile and simply reposition the display when needed. Only when uploading new content, whether from a distance or on site, a power connection or rechargeable batteries (18650 button top) are necessary. When operating with rechargeable batteries (not included), an operating time of 4-7 months is possible (depending on the frequency of the content change). The content is displayed completely without power.

Tableau in Cafe

Full Colour e-Paper Display

With up to 60,000 colours (including blue), paper posters are adequately replaced by a digital version based on e-paper technology. Your content is published brilliantly thanks to clear colour reproduction. The full-colour dipslay is both sunlight-suitable and glare-free; no backlighting is required.

Create an eye-catcher! With the advanced e-paper colour display, both eye-catching images and informative messages are conveyed equally impressively.

e-Paper Tableau in the bookstore

Simply update Content

Share content quickly and easily. Information can be exchanged via USB, thanks to the Android operating system (using an app of your choice or via the WAVE platform) also via LAN / WiFi. The exchange of content is thus possible within approx. 36 seconds and makes paper posters superfluous.

High quality is provided by the integrated Android Rockship PX30 processor. You are also guaranteed secure data transfer with versatile solutions and remote management options. Thanks to the 16 GB of internal memory, you only need to plug in a power supply to upload new static content. The content is ready to play straight away.

Sustainable Technology of the Future

Invest in a sustainable technology for the future. Reduce power consumption, cut paper waste and also save on printing costs. Minimise the consumption of natural resources by using the e-Paper Tableaux.

Where will the e-Paper Tableaux be used and with what Content?

Areas of Application

  • Public facilities
  • Hotel industry
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Craft and industrial businesses

What Content can be Mapped?

  • Promotions / News
  • Personalised content
  • Schedules and appointments
  • Menu, food and drink menus
  • Shop opening hours
  • Announcements


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