The important point about EasyCubes

EasyCubes consist of only 3 basic components - the possibilities in contrast are endless. The patented and modular slot together system is easy to reconfigure. With little time and no tools required, create your own customised product display.

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The 3 basic components

Floor EasyCubes
EasyCubes „Floor“
Cube EasyCubes
EasyCubes „Cube“
Cover EasyCubes
EasyCubes „Cover“

We Support You With Your Planning

You are not sure exactly which components you need for your set-up or you lose the overview in your planning? With our configurator, you now have the possibility to clearly design and plan your product presentation with the EasyCubes. Put together all the available EasyCubes elements as you wish. We would also be happy to help you personally with the planning of the product presentation system, just get in touch with us!

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Customised Finishes

For maximum customisation the Covers can be printed. Using digital print even the most complex motifs can be reproduced in high quality.

Easy and Tool-Free Assembly

The floor components are joined with connecting pieces. The "Floor" sections are then covered directly with the "Cover" components are stacked up with "Cubes".
The System „EasyCubes“
The System „EasyCubes“
The System „EasyCubes“

Endless possibilities for product display

The actual Cube measures 400 x 400 x 200 mm (L x W x H) and weighs 2 kg. The floor element, which is placed directly on the floor under the cube or cover, measures 400 x 400 x 50 mm and can bear a load of up to 2 tonnes. The cover element measures 400 x 400 x 10 mm and can also bear loads of up to 2 tonnes.

The cubes are made of high-impact polysterene, which makes them very stable. You can choose between the two standard colours black and white. Individual customer requirements and maximum flexibility are made possible by printed films that are glued to the cubes and covers. The system can therefore be used as a permanent display or for short-term use.

Endless Possibilities for Product Display

EasyCubes are suitable both for shop fitting for long-term use and as a presentation display for trade fairs and events. Small areas of 40 x 40 cm as well as large areas up to complete shop windows can be equipped with EasyCubes.

Compared to static displays, EasyCubes are a favourable alternative, as the cubes can be easily converted and the presentation of goods can be quickly adapted to the surroundings and the goods.

EasyCubes as Exhibition Companions

In exhibition stand construction, the cubes are used as complete exhibition stands. The three basic modules can be stacked and positioned individually and can also be customised.

This means that unique worlds of experience can be created in no time at all. Thanks to the modular system, existing worlds can be rebuilt flexibly and quickly.

At the same time, the EasyCubes are easy to assemble, disassemble and transport to save space. The tool-free assembly saves valuable time during set-up, dismantling and conversion - the ideal companion for your next exhibition.

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