easyfill TurnLoaderAmbient


the clever shelving system for dry goods

easyfill TurnLoader Ambient


the clever shelving system for dry goods

What is the shelving system capable of?

The easyfill shelving system is an innovative development in the field of shop fittings. The shelving can be rotated 180 degrees by means of a lever. The goods are now loaded from the back. With this system, numerous advantages can be achieved in the areas of environment, costs and turnover. 
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First In - First Out

With the easyfill shelving system, the FIFO principle can be consistently implemented and the sales sequence adhered to. This sustainably reduces the markdowns for expired food and lowers the costs for disposal.


Reduces Labour Costs

The innovative rotating principle simplifies shelf maintenance and minimises the time required. The constant pulling forward of goods to reduce stock gaps is no longer necessary. 


Increases Turnover

Due to the inclined position of the shelves, the goods automatically slide all the way to the front. This creates a permanently high merchandise density. In combination with a higher number of shelves, your sales are increased.


Reduces the Disposal of Expired Products

By filling from the back of the shelf, the products with shorter best-before dates automatically move to the front. What expires soon is now taken first by the customer.


Award-winning and Sustainable

Products with the shortest best-before date are bought first, as the shelves are restocked from the back. With this clever and innovative idea, easyfill won the Federal Award 2020, which was held under the motto "Too good for the bin".

Experiences with easyfill TurnLoader Ambient

Increase Turnover 
with a Flick of the Wrist?


The principle of the easyfill shelving system is as sensible as it is simple. The shelving unit is filled from the rear using the FIFO principle. For this purpose, the shelving unit can be rotated by 180 degrees. The rotation gives access to the back of the shelf. The new goods are sorted into the shelf from this side. Effortlessly and without having to move the goods that are already on the shelf. The easyfill TurnLoader Ambient shelving system can be used for almost all products in the dry range.

Shelf space in retail offers constant potential for optimisation. Declining space productivity and the desire for the widest possible assortment complicate the process of optimisation. 

The subject of facings plays a decisive role in the optimisation of product shelving. In the TurnLoader Ambient shelving system, more shelves can be used compared to standard shelving, thanks to innovative assembly. This maximises the presentation space for your products. You can offer more products without having to widen the footprint of your shelving.
Sales position
Sales Position
Filling Position
Filling Position
EasyFill shelving system Dimension
The shelving is available as an easyfill all-inclusive system or can be retrofitted to existing dry goods shelving systems from common manufacturers such as StoreBest, Umdasch and Wanzl. For this, a minimum shelf height of 1600 mm must be maintained.

Flexibly adapt the shelves to your products. To maximise sales space, place products of similar height on the same shelf. This reduces the distance between the product and the next shelf. Now you have the option of adding more shelves.

Due to the inclined position of the shelves, the goods automatically slide to the front of the shelf. Front stoppers in four different heights hold a wide variety of products securely in the shelf.

In order to ensure a secure stand, an individual shelf must be mounted on a wall. Despite wall mounting, the easyfill TurnLoader Ambient system allows you to integrate it flexibly into your room design.

The solution for free placement in the room is back-to-back installation. The shelving units thus provide each other with stability. If desired, another shelving unit can be placed as a gondola header at the respective end.

Jens Jaenecke Market Owner

The EDEKA shop in Adendorf is managed by Jens Jaenecke, who, together with his team of around 112 employees, runs the shop with a market area of 4200 square metres.

What are the advantages of easyfill?

"These are serious advantages that we see with the easyfill shelving system. [...] We see an excellent product presence, which means the product is always in front where the consumer sees it. It is well lit and the product marketing comes out well." 
Which product groups are suitable for the easyfill shelving system?

"The easyfill systems are suitable for very different products. The advantages are always the same. That means the product presence, the freshness, the lower markdowns, the easy handling is in principle extremely advantageous from freshness to canned beer."

Does an investment in the easyfill shelving system pay off?

"Of course, the easyfill system is also an investment and it has to be well examined, no merchant can do that without promising himself a corresponding benefit. But we are very positively surprised. From my point of view, you can definitely show that the investment pays off within a year."

Your advantages at a glance

  • suitable for almost all products from the dry range
  • simplifies shelf maintenance
  • cost savings
  • achieves an always full product front
  • modern appearance
  • enhancement of the shopping experience
  • time savings when filling shelves
  • higher productivity
  • less food waste
  • flexible setting options 
  • future-proof solution

full shelf front
The shelves are mounted at an angle of 8 degrees. Usual shelving systems hold approx. 6 shelves in one system, depending on how they are equipped. EasyFill shelving solutions create more.

The free space that is intended for refilling the goods is eliminated by stocking from the back. The shelving height can be optimally adapted to the load. This automatically reduces the distance to the next shelf and more shelves can be inserted into the system.
Customers pick the product at the front of the shelf with the shortest best-before date. This is because the shelves are in an inclined position. This allows the goods to slide to the front of the shelves. This is an advantage that conventional shelves without additional push systems cannot benefit from.
Customers often buy food in the supermarket that has a best-before date that is still far in the distance. To find these products, they have to rummage through the shelves. A general disorder arises and the food with a shorter best-before date ends up in the back of the shelf. So it happens that these items expire before they are sold.
The easyfill shelving system works against this. In line with the FIFO principle, new products are filled from the back. In this way, products with a shorter best-before date automatically move to the front, while those with a longer best-before date are placed at the back. What is about to expire is now at the very front of the shelf and will be taken first by the customer. Thanks to the low height to the next shelf, rummaging is no longer possible. For this sustainable shelving system with FIFO sales principle, easyfill received the federal award "Too good for the bin" in 2020.

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