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Exhibition Stand ISOframe 2 x 6 Metre

Item number: 80.1017.3

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Material aluminium / magnet
Width 6000 mm
Height 2300 mm
Depth 2000 mm
Total area approx. 12 m²
Features 4x Wave-Flex module, 3x fixed module
Features 2 2x table module, keyboard
Features 3 1x display module, 2x shelf
Print with digital print
Accessories 2x Monitor Holder, VESA 75/100
Version open on 2 sides

Product Description

For mobile self-assembly solutions, the patented and unique Mark Bric ISOframe Wave System is always the intelligent choice: hardly any other system can be assembled faster and easier than ISOframe. The complete exhibition wall can be brought into the desired form and can be enlarged or reduced as required. This is made possible by the unique Flexi-Wave Link connector, with which all vertical modules are connected. The offered exhibition stands of ISOframe serve as a source of ideas and inspiration. We would be happy to create your individual exhibition stand for you.
Counter, folding leaflet stand, table, chairs and television not included!


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