Fruit Jelly in Mini-bag

  • 10 g fruit gum mixed in colour and flavour
  • different forms selectable
  • also available in individual desired shapes
  • packed in crystal clear or white advertising bags
  • 1 to 4-colour printing


Contains approx 10 g
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Product Description

Advertise individually fruity!

The proven taste of our fruit gum with 10 % fruit content from fruit juice concentrate, natural flavours and colouring plant extracts remains the same - not so the shape!
Many attractive standard motifs are available throughout.
How about the right tool for your craft business, a fruit gum shaped beverage bottle or even a classic Christmas motif? Please contact us!

Choose from crystal clear or white advertising bags for the packaging. The fruity sweets are packed in a colourful mix of colours and flavours.
Choose the number of printing colours for the imprint and send us your design plans.
In addition to the printing price, ancillary printing costs are also charged per colour.
plus ancillary printing costs


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Variants Sheet colour Number of print colours Item number  
white 1 white
40.1077.1 view Article »
white 2 white
40.1077.2 view Article »
white 3 white
40.1077.3 view Article »
white 4 white
40.1077.4 view Article »
crystal clear 1 crystal clear
40.1077.5 view Article »
crystal clear 2 crystal clear
40.1077.6 view Article »
crystal clear 3 crystal clear
40.1077.7 view Article »
crystal clear 4 crystal clear
40.1077.8 view Article »
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