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Gift Set "Bellini Mini-Mix"


Product highlights

  • Gift set with peach nectar and sparkling wine
  • Stainless steel drinking straws
  • Packed in a gift box
  • Customisation subject to a surcharge
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Dimensions 170 x 58 x 215 mm ( W x D x H )

Product Description

A small gift - filled with summer feelings. It's very simple: "Bellini Mini-Mix" gift set. Mix yourself a "Bellini" and enjoy the summer.
The Bellini cocktail owes its recipe to Guiseppe Cipriani, who has been serving it to his guests in his famous "Harry's Bar" since 1948. From here, the light cocktail, which is often served with finger food or crackers, began its worldwide triumphal march through the bars.
The Bellini Peach Cocktail is easy to make yourself. To make it, fill our peach fruit nectar with sparkling wine or Prosecco. Serve chilled for a special treat.

Ingredients for a Bellini Cocktail:
9 cl dry Prosecco, sparkling wine or champagne
3 cl van Nahmen White Peach Nectar

250 ml white peach nectar
250 ml dry sparkling wine traditional brand
1 x stainless steel straw set

The "Bellini Summer" set is packed in a small black 3-piece folding box.
The summer, handily packaged!


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