Half-year, Full-year Planner Set

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  • Half-year, Full-year Planner Set
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Board size 1200 x 900 mm
Size of object column 60 x 10 mm
Size of day column 5 x 10 mm
Magnetic tape height 9 mm
Days per week 7
Finish magnetic

Product Description

Magnetic planner can be used anywhere and has a great overview. Planning on a daily basis over a year with weekends marked in colour. Allows planning of up to 35 people/subjects with a yearly overview and planning of up to 70 people/subjects with a half-yearly overview.
Delivery includes:
• Calendar/date strip set
• 70 magnetic signs with writable area in white
• 2 m magnetic tape, 9 mm tall, 2 mm thick, in each of the following colours: green, yellow, red, light blue and blue
• 1 date display in a highlighted colour
• 40 magnetic symbols (circles), 9 mm, in moss green
• 40 magnetic symbols (triangles), 9 mm, in red
• 1 marker for writing on the magnetic tape


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