IDEAL "AP80 Pro" Air Purifier

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  • for room sizes of up to 100 m²
  • helps to contain pathogens
  • reduces the concentration of viruses
  • eliminates pathogens and pollutants almost completely
  • improves the air quality
  • incl. remote control
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Protect the health of your employees, visitors and patients and filter the air in the room!
Powerful air purifiers free your indoor air from everything that contaminates it -
and this reliably and whisper quietly.
Filter pollutants and impurities such as dust, fine dust (PM10, PM2.5 and smaller), pollen and bacteria from the room air. The growth of mould spores is also effectively prevented by the innovative "AP80 Pro". The air purifier also reliably filters odours such as cigarette smoke, exhaust gases (including NO2), ozone and chemical vapours (formaldehyde, toluene, n-butane, VOC).

Control the air purifier via a quickly understandable control element including a practical remote control. Here you set 3 power levels manually. Both a fast acting turbo function and a self-regulating automatic mode are included.
Use the integrated lock mode and the timer if the start or stop time is outside your presence. A particularly low-noise night mode can also be set.
The "IDEAL AIR PRO" app also enables detailed setting and display. The 360° filter must be replaced every 12 months on average. The practical filter change indicator informs you about this.

You can feel the difference of your indoor air: you breathe pure air and feel good thanks to the air purifiers. In the office, at home and at all your favourite places!
A comprehensive microbiological hygiene certification confirms that the air purifiers are also approved for use in medical facilities.



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