Here you will find high-performance magnetic tapes as well as steel tapes that provide the perfect hold on a surface made of wood, aluminium, plaster or wallpaper.
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Magnetic Adhesive Tapes, Magnetic Strips and Steel Tapes with Strong Adhesive Force

A magnetic tape is a very versatile and useful helper in many different situations, e.g. to label drawers or cupboards. It is also useful in many other business areas, such as in the warehouse, office or workshop. A wide variety of surfaces can be marked with a magnetic tape to note important information on them. Due to their strong adhesion, magnetic tapes are also ideal for holding objects, materials and surfaces together. In our online offer you will also find self-adhesive metal strips and steel tapes that can be practically attached to any flat surface.

Magnetic Tape and Magnetic Strips for the Wall, Office and Much more

Use our online offer now to flexibly label areas such as steel shelves, metal cabinets and drawers with magnetic tapes or magnetic strips in various widths and many different colours. If you are also looking for the right iron adhesive surface for the magnetic tapes, our steel tapes are a good choice. You can get the classic magnetic tape here online with a thickness of 1.5 mm and in three different widths. The rolls of this self-adhesive magnetic tape are 30 m long. Or you can opt for a coloured version with the magnetic tape, which you can order in six different colour variations, five different widths and with a thickness of 0.9 mm. You receive the coloured magnetic tape as a practical 10 m roll. The self-adhesive steel tape also provides the ideal basis for a magnetic tape, because the self-adhesive back of the tape bonds it to any surface, creating the ideal adhesive surface for your magnetic tape. The tape is flexible and bridges any unevenness in the support. Steel strips can be shortened to the desired length with household scissors. Self-adhesive metal strips are also often used as a support, especially when it comes to compensating for wall unevenness. Cut to the right length with scissors, to form the ideal adhesive base for magnetic tapes of all kinds.

Magnetic Tape for all Cases - The Ideal Solution for Industry and Commerce

Decide now online for the suitable magnetic tape for fastening to a wide variety of surfaces. The self-adhesive magnetic tapes and steel tapes are available in various lengths, widths and thicknesses so you have the right tape for every application. To use the tapes directly, simply cut them to the desired length, label them as desired, remove the protective film and the magnetic tape can be used.
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