CO2 Measuring Device "Air2Color" with Light Indicator

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Product highlights

  • simple handling
  • easy to understand measurement results
  • good visibility all around
  • powerful CO2 sensor
  • supports compliance with DIN 1946-6
  • additional acoustic signal
  • for rooms up to 80 m²
  • can be used without additional device
  • Made in Germany
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Product Description

Measuring device CO2 traffic light system "Air2Color"

The RENZ AIR2COLOR - CO2 Traffic Light is used as a CO2 measuring device for measuring carbon dioxide in the room air. If the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the room air increases, this not only affects our ability to concentrate.

A too high CO2 content in the room air also has an influence on our health. Especially nowadays, regular ventilation of closed rooms is an important measure to prevent the distribution of aerosols. The CO2 measuring device combines high-quality measuring technology with easy handling and thus promotes active and effective ventilation.

High-quality measurement technology in use

Integrated measuring technology works according to DIN1946-6

LED traffic light system visible from all sides

The air quality assessment is visually displayed in green, yellow and red

Audio alarm with mute function

Acoustically supports the LED warning display with optional mute function

Suitable for rooms up to 80 m²

Compact format with high range in different premises

The benefits at a glance

  • durable and powerful CO2 meter
  • high-quality measuring technology with NDIR CO2 sensor
  • easy to understand traffic light system
  • 4-stage warning system
  • evaluation of the air quality (CO2 content of the room air) by displaying in green, yellow and red
  • LED display visible from all sides
  • additional audio signal supports the warning display
  • measuring range between 400 ppm and 10,000 ppm (± 30 ppm)
  • for rooms up to 80 m²
  • immediately ready for use
  • Made in Germany

High-quality measurement technology Made in Germany

A non-dispersive infrared sensor (NDIR sensor) is integrated in the CO2 meter. The room air is sucked in by the measuring device and led past the infrared light source. The opposite sensor now measures the strength of the absorption of the infrared rays.

Oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2) consist of a different density of molecules. CO2 molecules absorb infrared rays in a wave range of 4.3 µm, oxygen molecules do not. The measuring range is between 400 ppm and 10,000 ppm (± 30 ppm). Here, ppm stands for parts per million. This determines the CO2 concentration.

The high-quality AIR2COLOR measuring device works according to the recommendations of the German Federal Environment Agency and supports 100% compliance with DIN1946-6. This DIN standard specifies a ventilation concept for closed rooms.

Regular air exchange ensures sufficient oxygen enrichment of the room air. A regulation of temperature and humidity in closed rooms is also achieved. Protect your health and that of your fellow human beings by airing at regular intervals. Promote fresh breathing air to a safe environment for your customers and employees with the CO2 measuring device.

Optical and acoustic CO2 traffic light

Based on the molecular density, the quality of the room air is evaluated and made visually visible by a traffic light system. The 360° circumferential light band with integrated coloured LEDs draws attention to the need to ventilate the room. The current quality of the room air is shown by the colours green, yellow and red. This is easy for everyone to understand and visually easy to see. The meaning of the colours is similar to that of a traffic light.

The CO2 traffic light changes colour in 3 stages. Up to a CO2 density of 1000 ppm, the surrounding light band shines green. If the density is between 1000 ppm and 1400 ppm, ventilation is already recommended by a yellow display. If the load rises to over 1400 ppm, the LED display turns red. If the windows are still not opened, the load continues to rise. At a value above 2000 ppm, the red light band flashes. Ventilation is now urgently required.

In addition to the visual display, a pleasant acoustic alarm sounds. From the second level or the yellow display, an alarm tone starts. The persons present in the room should be made aware of the CO2 measuring device. The acoustic signal becomes increasingly stronger in the third and fourth stages. If necessary, switch the CO2 meter to silent using the mute function.

This option is very useful for the CO2 meter at school. On the one hand, the signal attracts attention in a noisy environment. However, concentrated work should not be disturbed, e.g. during an exam. In this case, use the mute function. Nevertheless, the CO2 traffic light is still clearly visible in the classroom.

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CO2 meter with traffic light display

Small and yet powerful

The RENZ AIR2COLOR CO2 traffic light has a size of only 100 x 100 x 100 mm. The small cube hardly takes up any space at its place of use. And yet the innovative design is made for powerful and professional use. The CO2 meter is suitable for rooms up to 80 m². No matter where you place it, the meter guarantees a reliable result at any location.

The handling is very easy. In addition to the AIR2COLOR CO2 light, the scope of delivery includes a power supply unit and a 2-metre cable with USB-C connection. The CO2 meter is ready for use immediately after connection and requires no further adjustment. No additional Bluetooth or WLAN terminal is required for operation. The cube is simply connected to the power supply and the CO2 meter immediately measures the room air. Only the muting function can be set.

CO2 meter for versatile use

Ventilation in schools is an important part of hygiene protection. Many children and young people are in a room at the same time and the fresh air is often used up quickly and unnoticed. By the time the bad air becomes noticeable, the CO2 load in the room air is often already at a very high level.

The use of a CO2 measuring device with a traffic light is therefore very helpful in schools. It is not only in schools that the room air is quickly consumed by concentrated work. Place a CO2 meter in the office to provide your employees with a safe working atmosphere. Use the CO2 measuring device in all rooms of your company. This will ensure a sufficient supply of fresh air in all rooms.

Fresh air from outside not only reduces the carbon dioxide load in the room air. At the same time, dangerous aerosols are removed from the room. The risk of infection with diseases can thus be reduced.

In some closed rooms, however, ventilation is not or hardly possible. Windows are locked or not even present. In this case, use our air purifiers. The professional air purifier reliably remove aerosols, viruses and bacteria from the room air and additionally contribute to hygiene protection. Due to the increased risk of infection by the Corona virus, we recommend the use of air purifiers even if ventilation is good. These filter the air continuously and can help to reduce the risk of infection by viruses even further.

Buy the CO2 meter now, quickly and easily in our online shop. We will be happy to advise you at any time.



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