Metmaxx® Charge&CleanStation ProUV with UV-C light

Item number: 40.1910.1
  • with integrated UV-C light
  • for the disinfection of surfaces
  • also suitable for keys or wallets
  • environmentally friendly (without chemicals)
  • at the same time inductive charging of the mobile phone

Product Description

We hold mobile phones in our hands several times a day. However, few people think of an extensive cleaning. This makes mobile phones a source of transmission of viruses and bacteria. With the new Charge&CleanStation ProUV the surface of the mobile phone is disinfected by the integrated UV-C lamp. At the same time, the article is a charging station for inductive charging. The charger (10 Watt) is located in the lower part of the device and can also be used without the lid. The UV-C lamp is integrated in the lid and is adjustable in three steps. 60, 120 or 180 seconds the item inside the box can be illuminated. In addition to mobile phones, the UV-C light can also be used to disinfect other objects of daily use from germs, such as keys or wallets. The white Charge&CleanStation is wired and does not contain its own battery. With its handy size of 112 x 220 x 52 mm, the device is also ideal for travelling. All you need is a power connection for the application. The UV-C light disinfects without the use of chemicals and the release of ozone. As a safety function, the UV-C lamp switches off immediately as soon as the cover is removed (direct UV-C light eye contact can damage the eyes!).

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