Mounting Set for " Window ROD display"

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  • consisting of 2 rods of 1500 mm length each
  • can be combined / expanded as required
  • for mounting any number of monitors
  • ideal to place in the shop window
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Matching our " Window ROD" - system we offer you here the mounting set. One set consists of 2 rods with a length of 1500 mm each. You place these with ceiling and/or floor fastening in the shop window or at an appropriate place in the sales room. Choose two points on the ceiling and on the floor where you want to attach the rods.

If necessary, one mounting set can be supplemented with another to achieve the desired height. This means you can display your monitors over a total height of 3 meters. Alternatively, it is possible to shorten the rods to the desired length.

Fix the lateral attachment, which you have attached to the monitor, to the rods at the chosen height. This way you can attach up to 4 monitors per connected power supply and present them at the same time. Use the mounting set to mount shop window monitors safely and decoratively in the shop window.

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