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MyKit "Workplace" with first aid material

  • first aid kit for the workplace
  • different colours of the case selectable
  • contained products comply with all applicable EU regulations
  • price including full colour print
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Product Description

The first aid kit for the workplace. Place this little helper within easy reach at your workplace and be prepared. Whether cuts in the canteen kitchen, splinters during woodworking or a burn during welding - nobody is safe from injury. So it's good to have first aid in your hands with one grip.

In the MyKit "Workplace" the following content can be found:
- 12 waterproof plasters
- 4 skin-cleaning swabs
- 2 dry swabs
- 1 face mask
- 1 blister plaster
- 2 gauze bandages for burns
- 2 cleaning cloths
- 1 pair of tweezers

All products contained in the product comply with the applicable EU regulations.

The labels of the plastic case are printed in full colour.
This makes the MyKit perfect as a give-away and you can immortalise yourself with a promotional print on the case label.


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Variants Colour Item number Item No. Price      
white white 40.1600.1 6,41 €* view Article »
blue blue 40.1600.2 6,41 €* view Article »
green green 40.1600.3 6,41 €* view Article »
red red 40.1600.4 6,41 €* view Article »
pink pink 40.1600.5 6,41 €* view Article »
yellow yellow 40.1600.6 6,41 €* view Article »
black black 40.1600.7 6,41 €* view Article »
orange orange 40.1600.8 6,41 €* view Article »
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