Pencil "Sprout", with promotional card

  • with integrated seed capsule
  • different seeds selectable
  • customisable promotional card
  • natural pencil
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Length about 185 mm mit seed end
Surface natural
Features with card

Product Description

The pencil "Sprout" is provided with a seed capsule. You can choose different types of plants here in our shop.
Do you decide on lemon balm or coriander? Or would you like to give your customers a sunflower as a present?
Even the mint for your new cocktail can be grown by your customer so easily.

The high-quality pencils made of organic natural wood are inserted into the ground with the green seed capsule first. Slightly angled and not inserted too deep into the planter, the seed capsule dissolves on contact with water and the green can thrive. So don't forget to water the plants!

The attached advertising card offers you a lot of freedom to create a personal advertising massage. The info card is printed with 4c/4c according to Euroscale.
We deliver the pencil "Sprout" ready made up with the attached advertising card.

Use the "Sprout" pencil for your trade fair presentation or distribute the little wonders of nature in pedestrian passages or at new openings.
This give-away also finds a special appeal in the food sector.


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Variants Cultivar Item number Price    
basil basil 40.1521.1 2,49 €* view Article »
coriander coriander 40.1521.10 2,19 €* view Article »
carnation carnation 40.1521.14 2,19 €* view Article »
chia chia 40.1521.15 2,19 €* view Article »
daisy daisy 40.1521.16 2,19 €* view Article »
thyme thyme 40.1521.2 2,19 €* view Article »
cherry tomato cherry tomato 40.1521.3 2,19 €* view Article »
oregano oregano 40.1521.4 2,19 €* view Article »
sage sage 40.1521.5 2,19 €* view Article »
forget-me-not forget-me-not 40.1521.6 2,19 €* view Article »
sunflower sunflower 40.1521.8 2,19 €* view Article »
marigold (calendula) marigold (calendula) 40.1521.9 2,19 €* view Article »
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