Pick-Up Station

for Companies and Public Institutions


Quickly organise a bicycle inner tube after work or provide tools for tradesmen in the early morning - with pick-up stations you offer your customers an additional service and are independent of opening times.

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Ready for Collection at Any Time




Days / Week

Your Advantages

Collection Around the Clock
the customer collects their parcel conveniently before or after work

Secure Handover
The customer simply unlocks the electronically secured compartments using a QR code

Suitable Compartment Sizes
Choose different compartment sizes - the pick-up station can be customised to your requirements

The Pick-Up Station

Pick-Up Station

The Pick-Up Station Basic Module

The basic module forms the basis for your customisable pick-up station. It contains the technology module, which is equipped with a touchscreen monitor and a QR code scanner.

The Extension Modules

The extension modules can only be used in combination with the base module. This allows you to expand your pick-up station. This is also possible at a later date if you realise that you need additional compartments.
Extension Modules

Solution for Pharmacies

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