Picture Hook "Fix" for Picture Rail "Eco"

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The exclusive picture hook "Fix" is the ideal picture hook for uncomplicated and quick hanging of pictures on the picture rail.

The sturdy metal picture hook is infinitely adjustable without a locking screw - it is simply pushed onto the nylon thread and fixes itself automatically with the help of its special spring mechanism. The height of the hook can be adjusted by simply pushing the picture hook upwards, the lower position by pushing down the holding plate. No more annoying screwing and cumbersome height corrections!

The picture hook Fix can be used in combination with nylon threads or steel wire, for heavy exhibits we recommend the use of steel wire. The picture hook is suitable for nylon threads with 1.5mm Ø and 2.0mm Ø and for steel wire from 1.2mm Ø to 1.8mm Ø.

Guarantee of the max. load capacity (15kg) only when used with suspension eyes and weight load in the hook channel! Avoid any leverage effect on the front part of the hook!

Do not cut (shorten) the ropes directly below the hook, as the hook may settle slightly under load.

The wire should protrude at least 10 cm below the hook.

Before hooking in the frame, always carry out a tensile test on the hook!

Please note: The maximum load capacity is designed for a picture suspension with 2 ropes and 2 hooks per picture.

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