Pull Strip for Perfekta Shelf Divider Systems

Item number: 22.0147.7
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  • For optimum shelf presentation
  • Without predetermined breaking points
  • Suitable for use with back support and anti-slip brake
  • Eliminates the need to move goods to the front of the shelf individually
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Using the pull strip as an aid for ideal shelf presentation in your shop allows you to effortlessly bring your goods to the front of the shelf, creating an appealing visual appearance. Customers can reach the desired product quickly and easily without having to reach laboriously to the back of the shelf.

Combining the pull strip with a back support and a slip brake proves to be particularly advantageous. Mount the slip brake on the shelf, slide on the back support and hook the rear end of the pull tab into the slip brake. As soon as the front goods are sold, you can easily use the strip to bring the remaining stock from the back to the front of the shelf. It then disappears back into the guide of the anti-slip brake. This saves your staff valuable time, as they do not have to touch each individual package, but can use it elsewhere.

The pull strip is thus a practical and efficient tool for an optimal presentation of your goods on the shelf.


22-0147-2 Slip Break, Pull Strip and Rear Support


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