Precise Punching for Creative Solutions
Let us mould your ideas

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Precise Punching for Creative Solutions
Let us mould your ideas

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Punching with Maximum Precision

We punch parts for you from PVC, PET and PP sheets with the highest precision and accuracy. Punching is one of the most common forming processes in the processing of plastics. The manufacturing process takes place without chip formation. This enables us to efficiently produce large quantities for mass production. 

We produce for you individually and customised to your requirements!

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Lohnstanzen mit höchster Präzision

lower cost per unit

complex shapes possible

a more economical solution

fast production runs

increases competitiveness

ideal for large order units and series production

Maßschine zum Lohnstanzen bei VKF Renzel

Efficient Punching for
Large Quantities

Mechanical punching in large quantities enables material to be precisely moulded into the desired shape or size. With our flat punching process and customised tools, punched products are produced in large quantities.

Vector and DXF data are processed based on the drawings to ensure high precision. Let us shape your ideas individually. 

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Material Thickness: 0.2 mm to max. 1.5 mm
Format: max. 725 x 1025 mm
Additional finishing possible on request

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