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Rear Support for Shelves

Item number: 22.0147.2

Product highlights

  • for upright presentation of goods
  • suitable for sliding brake Perfekta
  • manually adjustable by pull tab
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Material ABS
Colour transparent
Version rear support
Height 130 mm
Width 65 mm

Product Description

In combination with slip brake and pull tab, the back support becomes a perfect helper in the presentation of goods on the shelf. Prevent goods from sliding away to the back of the shelf, where the customer cannot see the product or cannot reach it,
For this purpose, the back support is pushed onto the slip brake. The pull tab is now inserted into the guide rails of the slip brake and hooked into the back support.
Gaps in the goods at the front of the shelf can be closed by simply pulling the tab. This means that your customer always has the goods within easy reach.

You can find the matching slip brake and pull tab under accessories.



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