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"SAFEBOX" for Used Blades

Item number: 12.0237.1

Product highlights

  • box for the storage of safety knife blades
  • especially small and handy
  • including possibility to shorten snap-off blades
  • ideal for the trouser pocket
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Colour black / red
Material plastic
Application for used safety knife blades

Product Description

The "SAFEBOX" is used for the safe storage of knife blades and is large enough to safely hold a large number of used blades. At the same time, it is so compact that it is easy to carry around. The box is equipped with 2 slots. One for filling the box and one for 'shortening' snap-off blades.
The "SAFEBOX" can then be easily and safely emptied into the "COLLECTION Box" (article number 12.0502.1). You can also find this in our shop.

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