Scanner Profile "WLK" to clip on

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Product highlights

  • Hinged for increased flexibility
  • Price tag rail for clamping into existing shelf edge strips
  • Alternative fastening by attaching to the shelf
  • Insertion heights: 39 mm, 52 mm, 73 mm, 76 mm and 105 mm for different price tags
  • Available in white and transparent for customised design options
  • Quick and easy installation
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Product Description

The swivelling Shelf Edge Strip "WLK" to clip on - for an efficient way of price labelling. Thanks to the flexible hinge, the scanner rail can be swivelled effortlessly and always returns to its original position. Simply clamp the scanner rail into an existing standard rail. Alternatively, it can also be attached to the shelf.

The "WLK" Shelf Edge Strip is available for price tags in various insertion heights (39 mm, 52 mm, 73 mm, 76 mm and 105 mm). The choice of colours and individual lengths offers numerous design options. The price tags are protected by the integrated dust protection.

When should you use the "WLK" Shelf Edge Strip?

  • In contrast to standard rails, increased flexibility due to swivelling by means of a hinge
  • For clamping into scanner rails without C-Snap / gripping edge
  • For attaching shelves with front channel
  • Field of application: Display shelves

The "WLK" Scanner Rail is also available for gluing and can be attached directly to the shelf.


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Variants Insert height Colour Item number Item No. Price
39 mm transparent 39 mm
20.0088.21 4,56 €* view Article »
39 mm white 39 mm
20.0088.358 4,56 €* view Article »
52 mm transparent 52 mm
20.0089.53 5,20 €* view Article »
52 mm white 52 mm
20.0089.125 5,20 €* view Article »
73 mm transparent 73 mm
20.0090.26 6,60 €* view Article »
76 mm transparent 76 mm
20.2211.3 6,65 €* view Article »
105 mm transparent 105 mm
20.0218.3 9,94 €* view Article »
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