Area of Application

"LuckiBot Pro" Service Robot in the Hotel Industry

Area of Application

"LuckiBot Pro" Service Robot in the Hotel Industry


Service Robot "LuckiBot Pro"

Robots have made significant progress in recent years and are now regularly used in various industries. Particularly exciting is the use of service robots in hotels.

Here, robots can take on a variety of tasks and provide guests additional comfort. In hotels, for example, they can assist with check-in and check-out, transport luggage, offer room service or even be used as a mobile concierge.

The robots can provide guests with information about the hotel and the surrounding area, take reservations, and make personalised recommendations for activities. Through their interactive features, they contribute to improving the service and guest experience in the hotel.

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Service Robot

Advantages of a Service Robot in Hotels


Improve your image: Robot serves as an attraction for your accommodation

Autonomous guide

Can deliver room service

Large carrying capacity

Precise voice interaction

Interactive application

Automatic obstacle detection

Battery for an entire working day


More Time for the Important Things: Service Robots in Hotels Take Over Everyday Tasks

Service robots in hotels take over many everyday tasks to give hotel staff more time for the important things. They can greet guests and bring food to their rooms. This allows staff to better cater to special guest requests and make their stay more pleasant.

The robots also provide entertainment by giving tips for excursions. The precise voice interaction of the service robots enables guests to communicate comfortably with the robots and express individual wishes. This provides a personalised service that makes the hotel experience even more enjoyable for guests.

Overall, the service robots enhance the service and make the stay more pleasant for guests. This technology is constantly evolving and new opportunities are opening up, including for the hotel industry.

The Perfect Helper - Functions of a Service Robot in the Hotel

Service robots in hotels are the perfect aides, providing comfort and efficiency. With their built-in object recognition, they can effortlessly take on tasks such as delivering food and drinks and restocking supplies. The precise voice interaction allows guests to communicate with the robots and express their needs, leading to a personalised service experience.

Due to their high capacity, the service robots in the hotel can handle a multitude of tasks simultaneously while providing consistent and reliable performance. They work continuously and efficiently to ensure guests have a pleasant stay.

The technology of the service robots helps to optimise the operations in the hotel and create free spaces for staff to focus on particularly important or complex tasks. By combining technology and hospitality, the service robots in the hotel set new standards for service and enable an outstanding guest experience.

Precise voice-based interaction

Precise Voice-Based Interaction


Independent Obstacle Detection

Large Capacity and Fast Charging

Large Capacity and Fast Charging


How Robots Optimise Service in Hotels and Provide Support at Events

Service robots are increasingly being used in hotels and at conferences and events to enhance service and make processes smoother. In hotels, robots can assist guests with checking in and out, transporting luggage, performing room cleaning services, and providing information about facilities. At conferences and events, they can guide guests, serve drinks and snacks, pass on information about the programme, and act as interactive photo or selfie stations.

The combined use of service robots in hotels and at their events improves the guest experience and relieves staff. The technology of the robots contributes to making stays in hotels and participation in events even more enjoyable and memorable. The versatile applicability of the robots makes them an important component of the modern hospitality and event industry.

The use of service robots in hotels and at events brings not only technological innovation but also a new dimension of guest care and event organisation. The combination of modern technology and human hospitality enables the optimisation of service and the creation of an unforgettable experience for guests. Through the integration of service robots into hotel and event operations, the industry becomes more future-oriented, efficient, and memorable.

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