Area of Application

"LuckiBot Pro" Service Robot at Events

Area of Application

"LuckiBot Pro" Service Robot at Events


Service Robot "LuckiBot Pro"

Robots have made enormous progress in recent years and are now increasingly being used in various industries. One fascinating area of application for service robots is at events such as trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences. Here, robots can be used for advertising and information purposes.

At events, it can help customers to find products and provide information on prices and offers. The info robot could also advertise certain products, entertain customers and contribute to a relaxed atmosphere.

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Service Robot „LuckiBot Pro“

Advantages of a Service Robot at Events


Improve your image: Robot serves as an attraction for your event

Autonomous guide

Autonomous sample distributor

Large capacity

Precise voice interaction

Interactive application

Independent obstacle detection

Battery for a whole working day


Information Robots as Supporting Forces at Conferences, Trade Fairs, Exhibitions, etc.

Inforobots as supporting forces are particularly useful at events such as conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions, festivals and conventions. Inforobots at conferences support visitors. They help to understand the programme. They also help to find presentations. And they ensure that visitors get to the venues on time.

Inforobots at trade fairs help visitors to find information, find their way to the stands and answer questions. They provide support in the search for exhibitors, products and services. The inforobots can give visitors personalised recommendations and inform them about special offers and new products based on their interests.

Inforobots at festivals and events help guests to obtain information about the programme, artists and venues. They can provide useful information such as opening times, car parks and emergency numbers to help guests. Inforobots at events help guests to be well informed and looked after. This ensures a positive experience and a smooth running of the event.

Event Management 2.0: The Versatile Application Possibilities of Service Robots

Nowadays, service robots are important helpers in event management. They can work for long periods without needing to be recharged frequently, which is ideal for events with many guests. Thanks to their ability to recognise obstacles independently, they can navigate safely through crowds of people without bumping into anyone.

Service robots can also be controlled by precise voice commands. They can talk to visitors. They can give information and take instructions. This helps guests and improves organisation. 

The versatility of service robots in event management makes them useful and efficient helpers for events. Their capabilities include fast loading, safe navigation and precise interaction. These help to make events run more smoothly and improve the experience for guests and organisers.

Precise voice-based interaction

Precise voice-based interaction

Independent obstacle detection

Independent obstacle detection

Large capacity and fast charging

Large capacity and fast charging


Efficient Support: How Service Robots Optimise the Flow of Events

Service robots are efficient helpers that can make a significant contribution to optimising the flow of events. Thanks to their versatility and advanced technology, they can improve various processes at events and increase efficiency. One area in which service robots can optimise the flow of events is communication with visitors.

The robot can interact with participants, answer questions and provide information about the event. This reduces waiting times and ensures a pleasant experience for visitors. Service robots bring food and drinks to guests to improve service. This reduces waiting times. 

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