Area of Application

"LuckiBot Pro" Service Robot for Gastronomy

Area of Application

"LuckiBot Pro" Service Robot for Gastronomy


Service Robot "LuckiBot Pro"

Robots have made great progress in recent years and are now often used in the catering industry. One interesting area of application for service robots is the restaurant.

There, robots can help with service and taking orders. They can also provide information about the dishes and drinks and advertise certain dishes and drinks to encourage guests to try them. The robot can also assist with billing and payment.

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Service Robot

Advantages of a Service Robot in Gastronomy


Improve your image: Robot serves as an attraction for your restaurant

Independently guides guests to the table

Delivers food, relieving employees

Large carrying capacity

Precise voice interaction

Interactive application

Automatic obstacle detection

Battery for an entire working day

Assists employees with clearing tables


The Future of Customer Service in Gastronomy: How Service Robots are Revolutionising the Hospitality Industry

The future of customer service in the hospitality industry will be significantly shaped by digitalisation. Service robots will play a crucial role in improving service for guests. These innovative technologies are changing and supporting both customers and employees in many ways in restaurants and the hospitality industry.

By using service robots, guests in restaurants can be assisted with ordering. The robots are capable of using artificial intelligence to provide recommendations for food and drinks and take their orders. This way, they can speed up the service and relieve the staff. Moreover, the robots can advertise certain dishes and drinks to encourage guests to try them.

This significantly simplifies the process in the restaurant and reduces waiting times for guests, leading to a pleasant and comfortable experience. The staff can therefore focus more on the personlised care of guests, as repetitive tasks are taken over by the robots.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction with Service Robots in the Catering Industry

The integration of service robots in the catering industry sustainably increases customer satisfaction. The robots can be used in a variety of ways and offer a range of benefits to both customers and staff. Thanks to their advanced technology, the robots can navigate safely through the restaurant and efficiently assist guests to optimise service.

In addition, the service robots have a high capacity and fast loading times, which means they are continuously ready for use and can fulfil guests' needs quickly and effectively. These features not only increase efficiency in the restaurant, but also help to ensure that guests enjoy a positive catering experience and thus increase their satisfaction. Overall, service robots in the catering industry can help to improve service quality and strengthen guest loyalty in the long term.
Precise voice-based interaction

Precise voice-based interaction

Automatic obstacle detection

Automatic obstacle detection

Large capacity and fast charging

Large capacity and fast charging


Artificial Intelligence in the Catering Industry: Service Robots as new Helpers for Guests

In many hospitality establishments, service robots are increasingly becoming an integral part of the dining experience. In the hospitality industry, they are an innovative solution to improve customer service and increase efficiency in the restaurant.

Through the integration of artificial intelligence, service robots are able to better understand the needs of guests and make individual recommendations. They can, for example, answer specific questions about dishes and drinks, indicate the way to certain tables in the restaurant, or simply assist with ordering.

With service robots in the hospitality industry, not only is the service made more efficient, but the comfort for guests is also increased. They can rely on the support of the robots and thereby save time. These technological innovations contribute to improving the dining experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

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