Area of Application

"LuckiBot Pro" Service Robot for Care Facilities

Area of Application

"LuckiBot Pro" Service Robot for Care Facilities


Service Robot "LuckiBot Pro"

Robots have made great progress in recent years and are now being used in various industries. One particularly fascinating opportunity for service robots is in care facilities. Here, robots can be used to assist with daily tasks in order to relieve staff and provide additional comfort for residents.

Robots can help with serving meals, cleaning rooms or entertaining residents, for example. Thanks to their flexibility and efficiency, they can make a valuable contribution to improving the quality of care.

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Service Robot

Advantages of a Service Robot in Care Facilities


Relieve employees

High capacity

Carers have more time for residents

Robot can be used for entertainment purposes

Precise voice interaction

Interactive application

Independent obstacle detection

Battery for a whole working day


Smart and Versatile: The "LuckiBot Pro" is an Indispensable Helper in Care Facilities

The LuckiBot Pro service robot supports carers in many ways. For example, it can help to tidy up the dining room after meals, clear the tables and take away the crockery. This saves carers time and allows them to focus on direct patient care and support instead.

In addition, the LuckiBot Pro can also help with the distribution of drinks or small items to relieve carers of additional tasks. It can also be used to transport laundry or other materials to assist carers with logistical tasks.

Overall, the LuckiBot Pro is a valuable support in care facilities, enabling care staff to work more efficiently and focus more on patient care and attention. With its wide range of functions, the LuckiBot Pro helps to make day-to-day work in care homes more pleasant and efficient.

The Everyday Hero in Retirement Homes: The Functions of a Service Robot

The LuckiBot Pro is a helpful robot in care homes. It can support carers by helping them with simple tasks and freeing up more time for direct patient care.

It can also clear tables without spilling food or drinks. With its cameras and sensors, the LuckiBot Pro can work efficiently and process important information quickly. 

With its precise voice interaction, the LuckiBot Pro can be controlled easily and intuitively, making it easier for carers to operate and enabling efficient collaboration. 

The LuckiBot Pro also has independent obstacle detection, which enables it to navigate autonomously through the care facility and safely avoid obstacles. This allows it to carry out its tasks safely and reliably without needing human assistance.

Overall, with its 360-degree Smart Ambient Light, precise voice interaction and independent obstacle detection, the LuckiBot Pro is an advanced and efficient assistant that makes everyday work in care facilities easier and supports carers.
LuckiBot with built-in object recognition

360° smart ambient light

Independent obstacle detection

Independent obstacle detection

Precise voice interaction

Precise voice interaction


Efficient Support in Care Facilities - How Robots Give Residents a New Quality of Life 

Robots are increasingly being used in care homes to help carers and residents. These robots can keep those in need of care company, play with them, entertain them and even perform simple tasks. The robots can play a particularly important role for residents with memory problems such as dementia. They offer games and exercises to train memory and keep residents mentally occupied. This allows carers to concentrate more on the individual care of residents.

The robots can also help residents to feel less lonely and give them a sense of security and independence. However, it is important to emphasise that robots cannot replace human contact. Rather, they should be seen as helpful tools to improve residents' quality of life and assist carers.

In order for the robots to be used successfully in care homes, it is important that care staff are trained in how to use the robots and that regular checks are carried out to see how well the robots are working. In this way, they can make an optimum contribution to providing residents in care homes with better care and support.

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