Area of Application

"LuckiBot Pro" Service Robot for the DIY Store

Area of Application

"LuckiBot Pro" Service Robot for the DIY Store


Service Robot "LuckiBot Pro"

Robots have made enormous progress in recent years and are now regularly used in various industries. One particularly interesting application for service robots is in supermarkets. Here, robots can be used for promotional and informational purposes.

In food retail, they can help customers find products and provide information on prices and special offers. The robot can also advertise specific products and encourage customers to try them out.

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Service Robot

Advantages of a Service Robot in the DIY Store


Improve your image: Robots serve as an attraction for your market

Autonomous guide

Increase in sales with spontaneous purchases

Large capacity

Precise voice interaction

Interactive application

Independent obstacle detection

Battery for a whole working day


The Future of Customer Service in DIY Stores: How Service Robots Make Shopping Easier

The future of customer service in DIY stores will be strongly influenced by digitalisation. Service robots will play an important role in simplifying the shopping experience for customers. These innovative technologies are changing and supporting both customers and employees in many ways in DIY stores.

The use of service robots can help customers in DIY stores to find items and materials. The robots are able to guide customers to specific shelf areas with the help of artificial intelligence. There they offer personalised product advice and price items using a mobile POS with an advertising function.

This makes it much easier to find your way around the DIY store. It also shortens the search for the required items and helps customers to shop faster and more conveniently. Staff are relieved of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. For example, there is no need for help with directions or scanning products and employees can spend more time in the DIY store on personalised customer service.
How service robots make shopping easier

Increasing Customer Satisfaction with Service Robots in DIY Stores

The integration of service robots in DIY stores increases customer satisfaction in the long term. The possible applications are diverse and offer a range of benefits for customers and employees. Thanks to their advanced technology, such as autonomous obstacle detection, the robots can navigate safely and reliably through the shop. This enables them to assist customers efficiently and optimise the shopping process.

In addition, service robots have a large capacity and fast loading, which means that they are continuously ready for use and can fulfil customer needs quickly and effectively.

These features not only increase efficiency in DIY stores, but also contribute to customers having a positive shopping experience and thus increasing their satisfaction. Overall, service robots in DIY stores can help to improve service quality and strengthen customer loyalty in the long term.
Precise voice-based interaction

Precise voice-based interaction

Automatic obstacle detection

Automatic obstacle detection

Large capacity and fast charging

Large capacity and fast charging


Efficient and Innovative: The Role of Service Robots in the DIY Store

In many DIY stores, service robots are increasingly becoming an integral part of the shopping experience. In DIY stores, it is an innovative solution for improving customer service and increasing efficiency in the shop.

By integrating artificial intelligence, service robots are able to better understand customers' needs and make personalised recommendations. For example, they can answer specific questions about products, show the location of certain items in the DIY store or simply point the way to the desired shelf.

Service robots in DIY stores not only make the shopping process more efficient, but also increase convenience for customers. They can rely on the support of the robots and thus save time and effort. These technological innovations help to improve the shopping experience in DIY stores and increase customer satisfaction.


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