Shelf Edge Strip "DBD" for Doubling

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  • For retrofitting and doubling your Shelf Edge Strips
  • Available for Insertion heights of 26 mm and 39 mm
  • Available in white and transparent for customised design options
  • Equipped with adhesive tape for quick and easy installation
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Product Description

The Shelf Edge Strip "DBD" was developed to retrofit and double your price labelling. With the help of adhesive tape, the "DBD" scanner rail can be easily attached to the back of your existing price labelling. The high-performance 12 mm fleece adhesive tape adheres to all smooth, polar surfaces.

The "DBD" Shelf Edge Strip is available in heights of 26 mm and 39 mm. Thanks to its classic white or transparent colour, it blends easily into any shop ambience.

When Should you use the "DBD" Shelf Edge Strips?

  • In contrast to standard adhesive rails, the "DBD" Shelf Edge Strip is used for retrofitting and doubling your price labelling
  • For attaching to the rear of existing scanner rails
  • For all shelf types / shelf edge strips with a straight shape
  • Area of application: Sales shelves

Assembly Instructions

To ensure an optimum bond, it is essential that the surfaces are free of dust and grease. To clean the surfaces before bonding, we recommend using an industrial cleaner or an adhesive remover to remove any adhesive residue.

We also recommend bonding at room temperature. Please apply sufficient pressure across the entire width of the profiles.


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Variants Insert height Colour Item number Item No. Price
26 mm transparent 26 mm
20.0024.6 5,44 €* view Article »
26 mm white 26 mm
20.0024.28 5,44 €* view Article »
39 mm transparent 39 mm
20.0025.25 5,70 €* view Article »
39 mm white 39 mm
20.0025.24 5,70 €* view Article »
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