For the Point of Sale
Slip Slide "Perfecta"

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For the Point of Sale
Slip Slide "Perfecta"

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Increased Value on the Shelf

Innovative Slip Slides Optimise the Sales Process

Our slip slide for the point of sale takes your shelf organisation to a new level. With the innovative "Perfecta" system, you can optimise product presentation and enable independent shelf management, even for bottles. The slip slide is suitable for small and light goods as well as for heavy and round goods such as wine bottles. Thanks to these automatic shelf management systems, you save time and ensure a permanently attractive presentation. Discover our solutions for your own shelving system now!

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All Standard Shelf Types

Fresh Food Shelves and Refrigerated Shelves 

Products of Different Sizes and Shapes

Slip Slide
Benefit from the "Perfecta" Slip Slide
  • automatic pushfeed for optimum, seamless product presentation 
  • products easily accessible for the customer
  • can be used for many product groups
  • fewer rejects thanks to permanent feed
  • increase in turnover
  • cost savings due to reduced working time (approx. 1.5 hours per day)
  • ROI (return on investment) achieved after approx. 12 months

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Pure Flexibility: Customise your Shelving with our Versatile Accessories

Thanks to a wide range of accessories, you have the freedom to customise your shelving system to suit your individual requirements. This makes it easy to customise your product range and shelving system.

The "Perfecta" system is based on slip conveyors that enable goods to be pushed forward automatically by utilising gravity. The products slide down without any additional effort and automatically fill the gap at the front of the shelf. Compartment dividers made of wire or metal are used to separate the individual goods from one another.

The acrylic glass front panel provides a high-quality look. You can increase awareness of your brand or company with exclusive printing.

The glide system is also available with additional fabric pushers as an option. These increase the goods feed with less inclined positioning. Choose the right accessories to customise the system to your shelving.
Basic model slip lanes of the pushfeed system
Slip Lanes
Moulding with Front Print
Moulding with Front Print
Wire divider for roller slide system
Wire divider
Additional goods pushers for the Roller Slide System
Goods Pusher

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