Antibacterial Retractable Biros "Super Hit Polished Antibac

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  • antibacterial finish reduces risk of infection
  • with practical pressure mechanism
  • Ideal for use in high traffic areas
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Protect yourself and others with the practical retractable biros from the senator® brand. This is equipped with an antibacterial surface that has been confirmed by tests according to the ISO 22196 standard. The polished and opaque barrel has been specially treated to ensure a long-lasting effect. The biros also contains the long-lasting senator® magic flow X20 refill with a writing width of 1.0 mm.

This biros is particularly suitable for use in high-traffic areas such as banks, doctors' surgeries, hospitals, retail outlets or restaurants. There, it changes hands more frequently and can thus contribute to the spread of bacteria. By using this biros, you not only protect yourself, but also others from potential infections.
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