Tobacco Pusher

Item number: 22.0292.16

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  • Optimal presentation of cigarette packets on the shelf
  • Easy restocking due to fixed allocation of varieties
  • Front stopper prevents the packs from falling out of the shelf
  • Facilitates removal of the front packet
  • Spring strength of the pusher optimised for cigarette packets
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The Tobacco Pusher makes it possible to always present cigarette packets at the front of the shelf. This makes the shelf always look full and tidy, which makes it easier for both customers and staff to find the brand they are looking for. In addition, the pusher simplifies restocking, as each variety is assigned a fixed place. Ideal for shelves with the appropriate depth, the tobacco pusher offers space for at least 10 cigarette packets.

The cigarette pusher is equipped with a 52 mm wide and 24 mm high front stopper to prevent the packets from falling out. At the same time, it pushes the front pack slightly upwards to make it easier to grip and remove. The spring strength of the pusher is specially designed for light cigarette packs.

To attach the pusher to the shelf, it is used in conjunction with a PEK rail that is glued to the front of the respective shelf. Shelf dividers are used to separate the individual cigarette brands from each other and ensure optimum order at the Point of Sale.

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