Transport Bag for "Bambou" Leaflet Stand

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  • Made from polyester fabric for durability and robustness
  • In sleek black for a classic and professional look
  • Dimensions: 360 x 270 x 410 (W x H x D) for customised storage
  • For practical transport of the "Bambou" folding brochure stand
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Discover the transport bag for the "Bambou" brochure stand. Its classic black colour scheme gives it a professional appearance, making it a perfect fit for any trade show appearances.

With dimensions of 360 x 270 x 410 (W x H x D), it provides the ideal space for the "Bambou" folding brochure stand. Its construction allows for a perfect fit storage and uncomplicated transport. Ideal for trade show use, it simplifies the handling of your brochure stand.

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