Wine in Bamboo Box

Item number: 40.1986.1
  • high-quality red wine "Cabernet Sauvignon" with special label "For connoisseurs"
  • set of corkscrew, bottle stopper, spout and drip ring from ROMINOX®.
  • packed in bamboo case
  • advertising possible on request
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Size approx. 330 x 100 x 120 mm
Content wine accessories, 0.75 l Cabernet Sauvignon

Product Description

A noble present for all wine lovers!

With this set, the presentee not only receives 0.75 litres of the noble red wine "Cabernet Sauvignon" with an attractive special label, but also wine accessories from ROMINOX®, which will certainly be used permanently! Corkscrew, bottle top, spout and drip ring are helpful accessories for every wine evening. Especially in this high-quality form!
The set of accessories and wine is packed in a pretty bamboo box.
Give this exclusive set as a gift to employees and selected customers.

Please contact us if you would like to have your advertising placed on the bamboo box. We will prepare a suitable offer.

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