Wire Thimble

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  • Kink protection for steel slings
  • Protects steel cable from abrasion
  • With deep groove that keeps wire in the guide and prevents it from slipping out
  • Suitable for 3 mm steel cable
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The steel wire thimble is an indispensable tool for protecting steel slings from damage. It has the shape of a pear and is also called a heart shaped thimble.

By using the thimble, the steel rope is less bent, which considerably extends its service life and avoids expensive repairs or replacements.

Another advantage of the wire thimble is that it protects the wire from wear caused by abrasion. The deep groove of the thimble ensures that the wire is held securely in position and cannot slip out. This means that the rope remains reliably in place even under heavy load. The wire thimble is suitable for 3 mm thick steel wire.

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