"Zebra Ice" Promotional Card

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  • fruit puree for freezing yourself
  • choice of 2 delicious flavours
  • Individually printed folding card included
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The Zebra Ice (now Zebrastic) promotional card offers a refreshing way to cool down on hot days. The ice cream from Zanoma Food, known from the big start-up show on TV, is the basis for this great promotional item. It impresses with its short list of ingredients. You'll only find fruit puree and grape juice concentrate. The individually printed card then contains the vegan and gluten-free fruit puree. Need an ice cream that doesn't need refrigeration to begin with? This is perfect for you, because you freeze it yourself! Freeze for 12 hours, tear open and enjoy ice cold. It's available in two delicious flavours. The Zebra Ice promotional card is not only a delicious refreshment, but also an effective promotional tool that can be printed with your own logo, slogan or message. Perfect for marketing campaigns, events or as a promotional gift.
Discover the pleasure of Zebra Ice and let your customers experience the refreshing fruitiness.


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Variants Flavour Item number Item No. Price
Mango & Passion Fruit Mango & Passion Fruit 40.2299.1 3,36 €* view Article »
Guava & Strawberry Guava & Strawberry 40.2299.2 3,36 €* view Article »
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