Adapter for Deli Frames on Third-party Accessories

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  • Adapter for click frames enables universal compatibility
  • Seamless integration of Renzel deli frames and price cassettes
  • Simple use for uncomplicated handling
  • Expansion of the range of applications for price frames
  • Increased flexibility and efficiency in day-to-day work
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The adapter makes our deli frames and price cassettes work with clips from other manufacturers and is an effective tool with a mounting width of 11 mm that offers universal compatibility. It enables seamless integration of Renzel click frames and price cassettes into third-party accessories. By simply inserting the adapter into the rear mount of our click and price cassettes, handling becomes uncomplicated. The adapter also extends the application range of your click frames by enabling the use of third-party accessories. This helper increases flexibility and efficiency in your day-to-day work.


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