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Price Labelling at the Point of Sale

Fast, secure, simply labelled! The legible indication of prices on your goods is a basic prerequisite for sales success. Because only through legible price labelling do you enable the customer's decision to buy.

The customer's decision to buy or not to buy can be significantly influenced by the pricing. Actively draw the shopper's attention to selected products.

To do this, it goes without saying that the price labelling must be neatly and straightly attached to the product. This is the only way to signal the desired quality with your goods and services.

Price labels are a symbol of top service and the necessary transparency. Use the most diverse price labelling systems from our range. Poster rails, price displays, price tags or even label markers give your customers the best possible view of your articles.

Of course, we also have various articles for the promotion of special offers. Products for special sales and discounts can be found at our discount labelling section.


Price Labels and Accessories for Your Business

Price labelling is available as digital or also as classic, writable price labels as well as poster rails, shelf edge data strips or price displays. Which price labelling system you choose depends on the place of use.

For example, are you looking for price signs for shelves or the warehouse area. Or do you need banner systems or clamping bars for your posters and banners?

Of course, there are also classic price signs. You can also get price signs with spike to stick to soft materials with clamp for signs. Or you can opt for the popular inserts for retail price labelling.


Price Labelling according to Place of Use

Price labelling on the shelf is one of the biggest uses of price marking. For the different shelving systems, there are also different shelf price labels. We produce shelf price labels with different properties.

There are data strips for clipping on, with adhesive or for use with shelf diuviders. With the right ticket strip, you have the possibility to clearly highlight your prices while protecting them at the same time. Do you need a shelf rail that is not available in the shop? Ask us for it and we will get back to you by e-mail as soon as possible.

Many products offer a placement of the price above the product. Especially for goods on pallets or beverage crates, systems for hanging are specifically used. Poster rails and poster clamp profiles in any design are suitable for this purpose.

The rails, as well as poster frames, are available in a wide range of formats. The indicated prices are visible from a distance due to the height of the placement. The articles offer space for the price information according to the Price Indication Ordinance.

An important feature for price labelling is the proximity to the product. Therefore, we offer the most diverse commercial customers many possibilities to attach the price directly to the product. Just as there is a wide variety of products, we also supply versatile holders and ways of attaching prices.

There are many ways to place the price close to the product. Be it a floor stand that stands directly next to the product. Or a price tag to stick or clamp.

Browse our range for the right product. To save time, you can always contact us directly. This is how you can profit from our experience at the Point of Sale.


Sales Promotion Measures at the PoS

Optimal price displays and price tags are visually appealing and informative at the same time. Here, the indispensable data strips, of which we are the manufacturer, are in first place. In addition to the ticket strips, the suspended poster rails and poster clamp rails are real top sellers.

And of course, the price labels that are attached directly to the product itself and created with price labellers. The labels are creative elements that round off the overall picture. They should not be missing to make the PoS lively and varied.

Products directly from the Manufacturer

As a producer of many of these price labelling products, we have a lot of experience at the Point of Sale.

You will find products of different qualities in our assortment. Because as a manufacturer we have specialised in different materials for sales promotion. Printing and modifications of the products are also possible through our in-house print shop. This makes us the address for many different products.

We will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable items. Let our ideas inspire you and make the most of your potential in the field of sales promotion.
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