Air purifier for Schools and Kindergartens

„PLR-Silent Secure“

You want to use an air purifier in a kindergarten? Are you looking for the right air purifier with Hepa filter for schools? Our model "PLR-Silent Secure" offers various additional features for more safety and a more pleasant learning atmosphere. The mobile air purifier filters aerosols from the air and thus frees it from viruses and bacteria.

Use mobile air purification devices now to improve the air in classrooms and daycare centres sustainably. Ensure clean air with modern air purifiers with Hepa H14 filters.

Sound Insulation
Safety shutdown
Display lock
Protective grid

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Confirmed effectiveness of the PLR-Silent Secure

The effectiveness of the device was confirmed by the Institute for Particle Technology at the University of Wuppertal. The use of our air purification devices reduced the particle concentration in a school class by up to 77 %.  Already with one unit at 50% power the aerosol concentration could be reduced by 60%. The study report is available from us on request.

The features of the PLR-Silent Secure

  • filters 99.995 % of viruses
  • long-life HEPA H14 filter according to EN 1822
  • power infinitely adjustable to room size and volume
  • mobile and lightweight (only 22 kg)
  • timer programme for optimised performance in school classes
  • filters up to 1062 m³ of air per hour
  • sturdy and powder-coated housing
  • easy filter change without skilled personnel

Additional equipment of the "PLR-Silent Secure"

A protective grid, automatic switch-off mechanisms and the display lock protect against unauthorised access. The built-in silencer reduces the volume of the device. This makes the air purifier perfectly suited to the requirements of school classes or kindergartens.
The silencer lowers the volume and creates a better learning atmosphere.
Lock the screen of the unit using the integrated key switch. This way you protect the unit settings from access by unauthorised persons.
Integrated magnetic sensors automatically switch off the unit as soon as the unit bonnet is lifted during operation.
An integrated tilt sensor automatically switches the unit off as soon as the air purifier is tilted by more than 45° during operation.
An additional protective grid is fitted underneath the air purifier to prevent unauthorised access to the unit.

Air purifier in Kindergartens


Air Purifier for Schools

Use air purifiers in the kindergarten

As in most schools, ventilation also plays an important role in kindergartens during the Corona pandemic. This is to ensure fresh indoor air and minimise the risk of infection. Since the various ventilation strategies offer little certainty, most educational institutions and day-care centres resort to air purifiers.

An air purifier can offer more certainty and safety here. Besides bacteria and viruses, the air is also freed from allergens, dust or unpleasant odours. This offers relief not only during the corona period, but also afterwards.

The air purification unit can be placed freely in the room or used as a mobile unit thanks to the castors. In this way, the unit can be used not only in the group room but also in other rooms. Sound insulation maintains a pleasant room climate at the respective place of use. The silencer is directly integrated in the "PLR-Silent Secure".

Equipped with additional safety features, the air purifier can also be used around small children. A display lock ensures that only authorised persons operate the unit. A protective grid underneath the air purifier prevents unauthorised persons from reaching into the air purifier's suction. In addition, the purifier has a safety shut-off by magnetic or tilt sensor.

Use our air purifier with Hepa filter to benefit from filtered air in the kindergarten as well. Ensure a safe and pleasant atmosphere for employees, children and parents by reducing the risk of infection. Choose the mobile air purifier "PLR-Silent Secue" for your kindergarten now!

Air purifiers for schools and clean air in classrooms

Open windows and doors allow rooms to be supplied with fresh air. However, the load of particles on the room is disregarded. In addition, ventilation is usually in the form of bursts. Thus, the "bad" air keeps accumulating in the rooms.

An air purifier is permanently in operation. It removes all particles from the air, such as pollutants, dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses. The separation efficiency of the air purifier is 99 percent. The device can thus be of enormous help in times of the Corona pandemic.

The air purifier makes its contribution by circulating the room air several times an hour. It frees the air from various air particles. To do this, it sucks in the room air via the underside, filters it and exhausts the filtered air again. The different filter levels inside ensure all-round effective air purification.

Ensure better air quality for your students and employees. With its castors, the air purifier is always there where you need it. Our "PLR-Silent Secure" also convinces with sound insulation and additional safety features. Reduce the risk of infection in your classrooms now!
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