Air Quality Meter "Air2Color PRO" with CO2 Light

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Product highlights

  • sturdy metal housing
  • colour touch display
  • clear CO2, fine dust, humidity and temperature display
  • easy to understand 360° luminous traffic light system
  • (delivery incl. light bar and light world map)
  • discreet acoustic signal with mute function
  • suitable for rooms up to 80 m²
  • immediately ready for use - no Bluetooth or WLAN devices required
  • made in Germany
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Product Description

The Air2Color PRO evaluates the 4 most important indicators of air quality: CO2 content,
particulate matter, humidity and temperature - for your health.
The device measures with 3 highly sensitive sensors precisely and continuously all
values and displays them clearly on the touch display.
The CO2 content is additionally displayed via a light bar, which is clearly visible from all sides, in the easy-to-understand traffic light colours green, yellow and red.


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