Protecting the health of employees and customers is more than ever in the focus of the population. It is now important for companies to find the right hygiene protection for the different areas of application and situations. Due to the current situation, companies are usually swamped with offers of articles such as protective screens, face masks or disinfectants.
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How can you protect customers and employees?

We have provided you with a clear overview of articles that can be considered for your reopening or continued operation. Browse through a variety of different articles for hygiene protection in your company, practice or facility. Get an overview of your possibilities and master the hygienic and organisational challenges.

A central task of hygiene protection is to protect the health of employees and customers. This includes equipping the checkout area, customer management, and the separation or demarcation of areas. The people involved will thank you equally.

By adapting the operation, you not only fulfil hygiene requirements. With the help of various articles, a safe and pleasant workplace for the employees is created or continues to be guaranteed. The staff of the most diverse companies come into contact with a multitude of people and external influences on a daily basis. Appropriate equipment can counteract the risk of infection and thus the loss of personnel.

Of course, a safe workplace is not the first priority for customers. They are looking for companies of trust. With passers-by, visitors or regular customers, trust can be built up through a hygiene and safety standard. This results in good customer loyalty. The potential buyers see that they and their needs are noticed.

Various products for more hygiene & safety

To strengthen customer loyalty and create a secure workplace, products of different categories are suitable. Hygiene protection extends over several areas of the company. When combined with each other, these hygiene products result in optimal equipment and furnishings for different companies.

After all, hygiene and safety are not only important in retail. Public and cultural institutions, doctors' surgeries or open-plan offices are also among the satisfied customers we have already supplied. Because in all of these areas, people must be guided, protected and informed. The product selection is therefore based on the major points Guiding, Protect and Inform.

Guiding customers, visitors or patients in the various businesses is essential to avoid crowds and queues. Barrier stands and demarcation stands track crowds and demarcate certain areas. In this way whole zones or departments in companies can be separated. This creates structure and order.

As described above, the protection of employees and customers plays a central role in hygiene protection. Face masks, protective screens or disinfectants reduce the risk of disease transmission. This contributes to the protection of health. A large number of articles can be used especially in the area of protection.

Optimum protection also includes comprehensive information and advice. In order to strengthen customer confidence and to promote an optimal implementation of measures, it is necessary to inform employees and customers. Floor stickers, display stands and poster pockets for outdoor and indoor use are suitable for this purpose.

Putting together a comprehensive and high-quality concept for more hygiene and safety can be easier than you might think. Our products prove easy handling, uncomplicated application and high functionality.


Hygieneschutz durch einen Spuckschutz an der Kasse


Absperrständer für mehr Hygieneschutz


Rollbanner „Stick“ als Hygieneschutz nutzen

Protection in the right design

For effective hygiene protection, various products can be found in the online range. Comprehensive protection extends over the entire performance of the company and is therefore reflected in the posting of information, the equipment of employees as well as in the general company equipment. It goes without saying that companies want to continue to present themselves according to their corporate image.

A high-quality presentation of the company is possible despite certain precautions. Firstly, this is guaranteed by qualitative materials and polished appearance. In addition, a large number of the products can be adapted in their design. This is achieved by a wide range of colours and the possibility of printing. The printing of the articles can be done by a slogan, notes or even advertising.

Find now the suitable articles for your shop fittings, advertising or business equipment. In times of additional hygiene protection, face masks, floor stickers or barrier systems make your everyday business life easier. Without restrictions, you can go about your normal business and regular operations.

Return to everyday life and normality with our products. We are happy to advise you in this phase.

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