Present your promotional banners perfectly stretched with the help of aluminum keder rail systems. The banners or tarpaulins are inserted laterally into the rails. When selecting the appropriate keder rail, you can choose between flat, round or curved profiles.

Hang your banners from the ceiling or attach them to the wall with brackets. Discover the different keder rail systems for the high-quality presentation of your advertising banners. Create an ideal system by using the individual components!
Kederschienensystem Spider-Wall als Stecksystem verfügbar
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Stretch Mechanism for your Banners, Tarpaulins or Tents

Do you want to present your tarpaulins, banners or other materials without wrinkles? The mechanism of keder rail systems will be the perfect solution for stretching advertising media!  Change banners quickly and conveniently, so you can advertise professionally again. Aluminum keder rails represent a flexible banner frame, which is suitable for different places of use.
Aluminum Keder Rail System with Ceiling Bracket
The basis for the rail systems is the keder, which is the edge reinforcement of banners or tarpaulins. This reinforcement is made of a beading, which is usually round. The keder seam additionally ensures secure fastening.

The bead and the seam of the keder are usually made of polyester or leather. Using the seam, the keder is tightly united with the material of the tarpaulin or banner. Once mounted, the advertising medium is inserted into the rail using the keder. Using this system, stretching your advertising will be more than easy for you!

Discover Keder Rails of Aluminum, anodized and other Accessories

This mechanism is ideal not only for small but also for large tarpaulins. A banner frame system specially designed for frequent installation and dismantling. Even with regular changes of advertising content, there is almost no abrasion. Discover our aluminum keder rail system as a mobile banner frame.

You will find various aluminum keder rails and all accessories in our range. Do you want a specific surface? Which width should the profile be and should it be a curved or straight rail? Our product range includes various aluminum profiles such as round, flat or curved.

Depending on the article, the rails are suitable for different diameters for keders. The perfect matching of keder and rail will ensure the final stretching with a perfect result. Additionally, there are rails designed to be placed on the wall, with multiple keder channels or with a special profile. We will cut the profile length of the desired rail to fit your needs.
Aluminium Kederschiene Ansicht Profil

Components Aluminium Keder Rail

  1. Keder channel
  2. Matches with the width of the keder
  3. Profile width of the rail
  4. Holding channel for hidden application
  5. Keder channel
  6. Opening for keder seam

Keder rail: Choose the right Profile

Do you need multiple channels? Choose between double keder rails and single aluminum rails. The suitable accessories are customized for the specific rail. So you can professionally design your presentation using the keder rails.

Select the matching end plugs, eyelets screws or connectors. Depending on the place of use, various rails are suitable for you. Our wall rails are available with one or two keder channels. They are suitable for attaching one material or connecting two different materials.

Use our flat profiles made of aluminum to suspend your banners and tarpaulins. The rail has one channel each for fixing the material and the rail.

Optionally, you can also choose a round keder rail with a matching end plug. A curved rail is suitable for presenting banners as round displays. Choose the right profile and your favorite mounting now.

Installation of the Keder Rail System at the Point of Use

Mounting on the ceiling:

With ceiling holders, cable systems or hooks, the aluminum rails can be fixed to the ceiling. Using the fasteners and the various aluminum profiles you can create eye-catching keder ceiling systems. Even from a distance, people will notice your advertising through the eye-catching attachment to the ceiling.

Mounting on the wall:

With an installation on the wall, you have, among other things, free choice in positioning. Place the keder rail system at your desired height and use wall stand-offs to help bridge window sills, etc. Hooks or eye screws are also a popular tool for wall mounting.

Attachment to the floor:

Mount keder rail systems to the floor using different types of fasteners. Choose floor fixtures, fixing brackets or base for your aluminum keder rail. As a simple floor display, it presents your advertising to customers and visitors at their eye level.

Aluminum Rail for your Advertising

Our aluminum keder rails are not only easy to handle, but also flexible to use. They are a perfect choice for exhibitions, advertising technology or constructions. Used not only individually, but also often in combination with crossbars or other displays. Tarpaulins, banners or fabrics with appropriate edge reinforcement can be pulled inside the aluminum rails.

With the help of flange, eyelets and other tools, the system is adaptable to your requirements, banners or the place of use. The keder rails are easy to reuse and can be quickly stowed away. These and many other advantages are the reason for the high popularity of these systems.

You can find in our range not only individual components, but also complete systems. Discover the promotionally effective presentation with keder rail systems. Choose a flat, curved or round keder rail!
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