Since smoking indoors is becoming more and more unpopular and is often prohibited, most people go "outside the door" to smoke. This is where a ashtray or ashtray stand is best placed and is the perfect solution if you want to allow your customers or friends to dispose of their ashes and cigarette butts cleanly. Even more practical are the combi ashtrays, stand ashtrays with integrated waste container. This often saves the householder a lot of work and the entrance area remains clean and tidy. Today, modern stand ashtrays and combination ashtrays are available in bright colors or with refined surfaces, funnel-shaped or as a column.
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Ashtray Stands for Outdoor Use

Stand ashtrays or also wall ashtrays are to be found everywhere in the outside area, where smokers go out or also to special "smoking areas" or "smoking corners" intended for them. Thus, various forms of stand ashtrays can be found in front of corporate and office buildings, in front of shopping malls and supermarkets, in front of hotels and restaurants, and in front of all other buildings and companies where the smoking prohibition is active. The different shapes and models of outdoor stand ashtrays help to ensure that cigarette butts and ashes are properly disposed of do not contribute to pollution, but end up where they can be disposed of directly. In our online store you will find a wide range of ashtray models - from funnel-shaped ashtrays to ashtray columns and wall ashtrays.

Ashtray Stands, Combination Ashtrays and Wall-Mounted Ashtrays

Ashtray stands are available in various designs. The Combination Ashtray "Basic", for example, is a classic ashtray stand made of galvanized sheet steel with powder coating, available in six different colors: Bottom trash can, top ashtray, this combination is a popular choice for entryways of businesses, offices, banks, government offices, and many other buildings. Equally much used is the Ashtray Stand "Funnel", which is also made of sheet steel and is available in many color variants. This extremely stable version for indoor use is available with an insert for sand reduction and a galvanized sieve. The Combination Ashtray "Column" presents itself in a completely different form: With an insensitive sea water resistant surface and in a very attractive appearance due to discreet embossing, lock and self-closing throw-in flap, this ashtray column is a space-saving solution for outdoor use. All those who are looking for an ashtray for wall mounting are well advised with the Wall-Mounted Ashtray: This sturdy wall ashtray made of steel with powder coating is available in many color variants and includes a wall bracket.

The Right Pedestal Ashtray for Every Need

Like all other ashtrays, the models of stand ashtrays offered here online differ in shape, design, material, color, size and volume. The material of an ashtray for outdoor use must be weatherproof and rustproof. Therefore, ashtrays made of sheet steel or stainless steel are the most suitable. In addition, outdoor stand ashtrays are usually coated with UV-resistant paint, which at the same time contributes to a powerful, colorful look. The equipment of the ashtray stands also differs depending on the model: some stand ashtrays have a removable ashtray, other models are equipped with a wire insert that can be used as a sieve. Special quartz silver sand can be filled into the collecting container of the standing ashtray to minimize the development of smoke. The practical wire insert helps to remove the cigarette remains quickly and easily later. The combi ashtray models also unite wastebasket and ashtray together - a practical solution to keep the additional cleaning effort low. In addition to the stand ashtrays, you can also find the ashtrays for wall mounting here online. These models are also practical variants that are protected against possible overturning, theft and vandalism.
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